Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sketchbook Tuesday

Lately, it seems like Tuesdays have been my day to post sketchbook drawings. I didn't mean for an entire week to pass since my last post, but here we are at Tuesday again. So here are more sketchbook pages from my watercolor Moleskine that I did while we were at the beach a couple of weeks ago now.
With traveling, visitors, birthdays and parties, and a little design work keeping me very busy, October has just flown by. I am now actually looking forward to November and the peaceful return of a routine to my days.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

While I was away

I filled one spread in my watercolor Moleskine by recording a little slice of the ocean and sky colors for each day we were at Edisto Beach. I had such a great view from my spot at the dining table in our rental cottage that I couldn't let it go to waste.

I also couldn't help thinking of this song, especially on our rainy Wednesday, when the fishing boats disappeared on the horizon.

And when we returned from our trip I was greeted by Abner! I had the good fortune of winning Abner in a drawing over on Diahn's blog, and he's gorgeous! I really couldn't believe this was a print, it is so beautifully done on such quality paper. A wonderful surprise to come home to after our stay at the beach. Now that we are back in our mountains life is crazy busy around here. I have a design project that needs finishing and we have guests coming for the weekend. If you could see the state of my house right now you would wonder why I am even sitting here typing this with so much that needs doing. At least I have Abner to keep me smiling! Thanks Diahn!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I was away from the computer last week. But I kept myself busy here.
Of course, I had this view for inspiration.
And plenty of reasons to play.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Keep trying

For further proof that I need way more practice with watercolor, this is my contribution for October's Monthly Sketch Project. But what better way to practice than with these online challenges. Makes it more fun and gives me that extra bit of motivation to keep trying. This was done in my watercolor Moleskine. The photo reference was mine, a view of Grandfather Mountain from Price Lake.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Red leaves and more apples

Yesterday was such a brilliant autumn day that after Kiddo's PE class we took off on a photo safari. The foliage in our mountains has suddenly turned into a kaleidoscope of hues and we didn't want to let it go unnoticed.
I don't often post a work-in-progress but just to prove I have something in the works here is another apple drawing in progress, inspired by Jeanette Jobson's apple challenge. It is unlikely that I will finish it by the deadline so I thought I'd post it as a work-in-progress. This way you can see how my scribbles will eventually become the finished drawing. I hope to work on it some more over the next few days, if I'm not out soaking in these beautiful autumn days.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Since it's Tuesday

it's as good a day as any to post a couple of recent works from my sketchbooks. I couldn't resist picking up a few pears from the grocery, they always remind me of fall. Because it takes me so long to finish my drawings in colored pencil I took lots of photos of pear groupings to possibly use later for still life compositions. But I also couldn't resist doing a quick watercolor sketch of pears while I was at it.

We spent Sunday afternoon in the park at Valle Crucis and I tried doing some quick watercolors while there too. These I sketched in brown colored pencil first and then used watercolor over top. The pears were painted directly without any drawing first. Both were done in my watercolor Moleskine journal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Looking ahead

neocolor II and colored pencil on hp
5.5 x 7.5 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

Here it is October already. Turn around once and it will be the winter holidays and then the new year before we know it. This is a view from the most southern tip of Hatteras Island, near where the ferry takes you to Ocracoke. I worked on this from an old photo of mine. This area is probably filled up with over sized beach houses and souvenir shops by now.


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