Saturday, March 15, 2008

Little treasures

If it seemed a little quiet around here this past week it is because we took the week off to go to our favorite destination, Edisto Island, South Carolina. We had an absolutely magical five days of warm sunshine and frolicking on the beach with kiddo and the dogs. We packed an outrageous amount of art supplies and brought home way to many seashells. We saw brilliant sunrises, enjoyed excellent meals and the good company of a dear friend. And I took hundreds of photographs which I am hoping will be inspiration for months to come.

I also managed to do a few sketches. Now I am not at all sure of what I am doing when it comes to watercolor, so these were really just for play. They are a sampling of pages from my Aquabee sketchbook. This first is a few shells done with pen and watercolor washes.

Next, I tried sketching a few beach finds with my new set of Graphitints. This was a little easier for me to handle.

This little fish was a knick-knack in the beach house we rented. I tried using watercolor pencils for this one. This charming beach cottage was filled with all sorts of delightful accessories. It was a beach cottage we hated to leave. With its play of light through the palmettos it held a magical feeling.

The beach scene was begun with watercolor and then continued with watercolor pencils. I didn't finish it the way I had planned though. It seemed we were somewhat of a spectacle on the beach and interrupted by passers by, curious to see what hubby, friend, and I were doing with all our art supplies. One curious beach walker even took our photograph!

All in all we had a very pleasant time and I am quite satisfied with my new abundance of reference photos. Clearly, though, I need much more practice with water media if I intend to record more images this way in my sketchbooks! But it was fun. And I do have the study of watercolor on my list of things to do!


Jennifer Rose said...

Gorgeous sketches :) the beachscape just makes me want to grab a towel and read a nice book sitting by the waves.
Dad has a fish like that, its about a foot and a half tall and this gorgeous green colour. I think he has some flowers growing in it lol

Laurel Neustadter said...

Your sketches are all fantastic.

Quilt Knit said...

Wow! "The Edisto Beach"? My sister nearly drowned me there. Years ago! I got us out of the water. I loved being there. As long as my siblings were not in the water with me. I want to go there this Summer in September. They still have Shells? Wonderful drawings of Beach life.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and you have so many great sketches to help you remember. The beach scene is lovely.

Barbara said...

These are wonderful pages, exactly what I wish were in my sketchbook! - Barbara

Lisalou said...

Your shells are so perfect! And, I am sure enjoying the rest of your art, too! So lovely!

Ann said...

Jennifer-thank you! Yes, this beach cottage was filled with all sorts of stuff that looked just right there but would be horribly out of place in my own house LOL!
Thank you Laurel!
Sherrie - yes, tons of shells! Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks Lynn, Lisa, and Barbara for your kind comments!

Sandy said...

Oh it all sounds so wonderful - I have never been to SC! And the watercolors you did are outstanding, you obvioulsy enjoyed the whole experience!


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