Friday, June 27, 2008

Nature Studies

A collection. I realized I hadn't yet posted these sketches. I'm still very busy right now with other work although I am managing to work on a new colored pencil piece as well. I'm just not ready to show it yet so you will have to wait a little while longer. These are all in my small Winsor Newton sketchbook, the one on top is done with walnut brown Polychromo colored pencil, the other two are in graphite. I don't know why I keep getting that pink band along the center, that's just something that seems to happen when I lay this book flat to scan and I haven't figured out how to make it go away.

Lately I have been feeling a lot like the quote from Annie Dillard about sticking a net into time and saying 'now'. These summer days up here in our mountains have been stunningly beautiful. The flowers in our yard are blooming, the vegetable garden is growing, and the dogs and Kiddo are enjoying lots of time outdoors. Kiddo, at 9, is at that age where despite her growing independence she still needs her mom about. And I don't want to miss any of that as I already know how fast things like that can change as kids grow older. But I have lots of ideas to keep me going with my art work and Hubby is enjoying the last of his summer break before he heads back to the classroom for summer courses. Sometimes these long days of summer just aren't long enough.


Margaret Ann said...

You know, there never is enough time it matter what the season...these are lovely soft sketches very nicely done! :)

Hint: I have found that the darkened center comes from scanning and the extra light that the book "lets it" because it is not completely flat-flat. To correct this I have had to hold my sketchbook pressing down while it scans fairly hard where the shadow tends to fall.. Give it a bothered me for quite a bit as well...results seem much better now...:) Good Luck! :)

Ann said...

Thanks Margaret!
You know, I place a heavy rock on top of the sketchbook to try to flatten it, put black paper over the book and a dark towel on top to block out more light. Maybe I need two heavy rocks. My high-tech solution :)

Linda T said...

Very delicately rendered! Beautiful! Like the quotes, too.

kazumiwannabe said...

This is beautiful. I love the harmony and sobriety of your pages.

Anonymous said...

I like the top one VERY BEST, but they're all beautiful.
My solution for the scanner is a thick dark green bath towel.

MILLY said...

Three lovely sketches Ann. Delicately drawn to capture the lovely shapes.
Me too, a thick towel over the scanner as my paper is too large.

Karen Winters said...

Great studies, Ann. I won't say which I like best because when people do that to me it almost seems like choosing favorites among one's children. I like them all and they are all done with such delicacy.


purplepaint said...

These are wonderful! Love your pastels too! Beautiful work. Marva

purplepaint said...

These are wonderful! Thank you for your wonderful comments on the start of my nature journal... Marva


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