Sunday, March 1, 2009

March begins like a lion

There are seven
or eight categories
of phenomena
in the world
that are worth
talking about,
and one of them
is the weather.
-Annie Dillard

As I sit here typing this
the snow is already
over the three inch mark.
It is not unusual
for us to get a good
deal of snow here
but it has been many years
since we've had a snowfall
quite like this one today.
Well enough gawking at
the weather. I need to get
back to my chore for today-


Mary Timme said...

I heard you guys were getting snow. We have a lamb for beginning. But, we'll be up and down, no doubt about it. Enjoy your snow!

Jennifer Rose said...

Looks really pretty :D Pain to shovel but it makes really nice photographs

Teresa Mallen said...

Oh fun, taxes...I hope you are now basking in the bliss of having this chore done for another year. Reward yourself with some time outside in your winter wonderland. Okay, I confess, I love winter. :-)


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