Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sketchbook Tuesday

A sampling of my sketchbook pages from this past week. I must say that I am really enjoying my hand made sketchbook more than any sketchbook I have had in the past. Certainly more than I ever expected.
I am happy with the paper I chose, Canson Edition, and my junk paper signatures in the front and back for planning and scribbling notes. I find myself not only working in it more often but also missing it on the days that I don't pick it up. All of this is, I believe, because of the inspiration from the Artist's Journal class I participated in last fall. Kate, and others who have been in the habit of making their own sketchbooks for some time can say "I told you so" but I know they wouldn't do that. However, I do so appreciate Kate's gentle guidance that started me on this path.
Here is a page that I did testing out some new toys. On the left is a Lyra water soluble graphite crayon and on the right is Derivan's Liquid Pencil in sepia and gray 9. On both pages, after they had dried, I experimented with erasing, layering colored pencil, and washing Neocolor II water soluble crayon over top. I was very pleased with the Lyra water soluble graphite crayon in that it will be possible to draw in highlights with an eraser and that it was easy to control to achieve a range of values when the marks were brushed with water. The Liquid Pencil was fun to use and I love that sepia color but I was disappointed that it didn't take erasing very well at all, meaning that highlights will have to be preserved from the start of a piece. Both the graphite crayon and the liquid pencil picked up and blended with the Neocolor II crayon when water was applied, which could be a fun effect to play with, and definitely something to keep in mind when combining media.

So, there's a week in my sketchbook. And an entire post without mentioning the weather. Because I'm not going to talk about the snow, no, no, no.


AutumnLeaves said...

Sheesh, Ann! You made it all the way to the last line without mentioning the weather - then you broke your streak! LOLOLOL I am so loving the whole idea of sketchbooks. Wendy over at QuirkyArtist has been doing them for awhile now and I am so intrigued. I seem to lack determination in doing one. Usually when I go back and read what I've written, I end up feeling stupid and ripping out pages. I recently bought a new little hand made sketchbook, though I am not overly fond of the paper that she used within. It is a type of paper you might buy for printing out a resume. Of course, I haven't yet tried drawing on it, but the pages are wee. Maybe 3 x 3.5 inches? Still, it will be an exercise in both discipline and in sketching, both of which I need. Between you and Wendy, I am itching to get started and kind of know what I will do first in it. Love hearing about your thoughts and seeing you work out artistic sampling on your pages!

MILLY said...

Enjoyed catching up with all your different activities. It always feels exciting trying out new materials and experimenting.
Your sketch book looks really interesting.
Hope your Keeping warm.

ffyrebird said...

The dog sketches are great, he looks so comfy, curled up. Kudos on binding your own sketchbook! I keep wanting to try that, not brave enough yet.

phthaloblu said...

Great sketches! Nice to see you playing and experimenting.

raena said...

Wonderful pages, Ann. I love to see other artist's experimental pages. Oh and I love that doggy up there on the left! He's a cutie!

Teresa said...

Enjoyed your sketches and reading about your artsy experiments... we learn so much just by "playing" don't we?

Since you're abandoning that four letter "s" word ("snow", not the other!) I'll put in my two cents... we got 5 INCHES of snow last weekend and I was deliriously happy and took 178 photos... while my feet and socks were wet (snow came over the top of my shoes- no galoshes - don't usually need them around here) and my fingers were frozen... but it was well worth it!

Sorry to bring up the "s" word!

jswalkky said...

I enjoyed your journal pages very much. I have been keeping a sketch journal for the past few months and find it is addicting too.

Nel said...

Wonderful loose sketchbook pages, Ann. What is it you like about the Canson Edition, and where did you get yours, if you don't mind me asking? What is it comparable to? Thanks,

nanke's stuff said...

I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you've been doing. Your sketches of Sara reminded me of our wonderful Piper, who is no longer with us. I've ordered Kate's new Journal CD, and am looking forward to playing with it. Spring is coming ... the light has changed .... won't be long now! Oh, and I'm wondering the same thing Nel is about the Canson paper. nancy

Ann said...

Thanks all!
Nancy and Nel, I'll talk more about Canson Edition paper in my next sketchbook tuesday post. In the meantime, Dick Blick carries it.

Krista Meister said...

Looks like you had a great sketching week!

P.S.: I'm ignoring the snow too, even though we're home today as another snow day (5" and counting!)


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