Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It only took a year

Cloud I
colored pencil on Rising Museum Board
8 x 8 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

Because I haven't scanned my next painting to post yet, I thought I'd share a colored pencil drawing that I recently finished. It is meant to go with this drawing, as part of a developing series. I had started this second drawing for the series almost a year ago. At that time, while I was working on this, I was losing interest in doing this kind of work. I longed to loosen up and let the paint fly. So I did. I set this drawing aside in it's unfinished state and started playing with oils a short time later. The other day I unearthed this drawing, still in it's half completed state, and thought I really should finish it. After playing with paint for so long now, I have finally come around to thinking about drawing again. Completing this piece seemed as good a place to start as any. There is a lesson here, I am sure of it.

*The first drawing in this series, Wave I, is available as fine art prints from ImageKind.


Rose Welty said...

I'm impressed that you can pick up a piece again after so long - I am never able to do that.

I have to laugh, I also have taken a hiatus from CPs and in the last few weeks have picked them up again and fallen in love all over again!

Alex said...

Wow! A year... =) That's really something! I have some other sketches that I haven't touched for longer than a year too...and they definitely need some work there ^^
I love the shapes, the colors and the depth of the clouds... after all, the sky is what I love staring at the most when I have absolutely nothing to do.

Cathy Holtom said...

Beautiful! I've always admired you cp work, but it can be time consuming...I do a bit of everything that way I never get bored!

Jennifer Rose said...

so very soft looking :)

nanke's stuff said...

I love the combination of softness and energy in this piece. The colors are wonderful, too. nancy

Teresa said...

You have such a way with colors. Love the soft violets in this... like an unexpected treat!

raena said...

You do wonderful work in every medium you decide to use!

freebird said...

I'd say the lesson is to go with your heart and work in one medium and then another as your feelings dictate and that way you'll feel fresh and alive rather than bored and stagnant. Very pretty clouds.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Ann. Follow your muse.


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