Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sketchbook Tuesday - New watercolor pencils

I received an early holiday gift, a set of 12 Prismacolor watercolor pencils. It has been a little while since I worked with watercolor pencils, and the ones I have are not Prismacolor brand, so I got this new set out and gave them a whirl. First I made the color chart shown below in the back of my sketch journal. What I immediately liked about these was the way they laid down on the paper. Very creamy and smooth, just like you'd expect from Prismacolors. They did dissolve nicely when touched with a water brush. I also played around with them sketching Christmas tree ornaments last evening. I discovered that the black is very intense and that drawing the snow man in graphite first was a bad idea. To brighten him up I went back in with a white gel pen, which I also used in a few other places on the other ornament sketches. And a little brown Micron pen too.
The range of colors in the set of 12 is okay. I love that dark umber and the Copenhagen blue. I can see replacing a couple of the others down the line though, if I continue to use these for sketching. I do like that every pencil mark doesn't wash away, leaving some saturated linear elements here and there. And again, I loved the creamy, soft feel of drawing with these. All in all, I believe I could have some fun with this set!


bettyfromtexas said...

Those prismacolor watercolor pencils look luscious! The colors are beautiful, and so is your charming spread! Have a warm and wonderful holiday season!!!

Anonymous said...

A festive sketchbook spread that is full of joy and cheer, colorful and fun! Love hearing about the Prismacolor watercolor pencils too. I have three sets of watercolor pencils and I don't think any of them are Prismacolor.

Sandra said...

YOU make those colors work!

kazumiwannabe said...

Those ornaments are fun! Lovely drawings of them, too! I have watercolor pencils but don't really know how to use them... you make me want to try!

Alex said...

so cute! Love em ^^


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