Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sketchbook Tuesday :: fly away

Late this spring and into early summer we have had all sorts of creatures making their home here at our little mountain cottage. First it was a mother mouse giving birth in her nest made inside my mostly new bag of potting soil. Yes, I was quite surprised to find her there with her brand new babies. Then we had a yellow jacket nest the size of a basketball underneath our front porch. And tucked under our back deck we hosted a nest of baby birds that we believed to be catbirds. Our back deck is a full story off the ground and a door from the garage leads outside under the deck. I discovered the bird nest one day quite by accident but believed it to be empty. When I went down a few days later with my camera I was startled to see little faces looking back at me. It wasn't long after that the babies left the nest to begin their lives in our yard and woods. Late every afternoon we hear their distinctive calls.
 When our house was full with out-of-town guests we took them up to Grandfather Mountain so that they could get a true mountain experience. It was hot and hazy, yet still the views were stunning. Up above everything. Almost like flying.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

would love to have all that wildlife around, i do miss that about living in ontario. all kinds of birds, deer and the odd fox.

very nice sketch, lots of lovely greens to look at :)

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh that nest piece!! A fabulous point of view and so full of life. Also love the scene from the mountain. 'Course, I always love your sketches and your big pieces. Lovely lovely lovely, Ann.

. said...

Thats so cute (except for the yellowjackets), great drawings and I like how you captured the little birds how they looked back at you. We just moved in to our new house less than two weeks ago, and on our third night we found out that we have a nice family of 8 Raccoons (they were all looking in through our back door)... We think they might have moved on as our Charlie was sniffing around a bit too much : )

Debbie Nolan said...

Ann - how wonderful - baby birds...sorry about the yellow jackets and even mice can be so cute. Your sketch is lovely. You must live in a very beautiful place. Take care and God Bless.


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