Friday, September 28, 2012

right now

 "right now" staying focused on the present, mindful and in the moment, an image from the week, that acknowledges the "right now".  If you would like to join me in this mindful weekly exercise, put a link in the comments for this post to share your "right now" image.


Asmaa said...

Eekkkkk! What type of this is that? It has pretty coloring.


Ann said...

I think they're pretty too. I believe it's an orb weaver spider. She was very busy constructing her web on our back deck!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous colours!

Asmaa said...

Thanks, Ann.


CrimsonLeaves said...


Debbie Nolan said...

Great close up - aren't spider's amazing and some are downright pretty. Thanks for sharing.


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