Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am so ready for spring to arrive. Around here, it does seem to be taking its own sweet time though. Still, I am making new things, ready for the season to turn. Anticipating more warmth and light, and keeping a sense of balance to the days.
I have begun learning how to make my own organic skin care products. It is amazingly easy. Kiddo joined in the fun by making her own minty herbal shampoo. Above are freshly made tins of a herbal salve that we were all eager to try. It turned out to be wonderfully soothing for our wintry chapped skin.
Some colorful cotton for my current crochet project - a beach/pool tote bag. This will be just the thing for toting beach towels, sunscreen, and maybe even a sea shell or two.
Finishing up my winter sketchbook with a watercolor sketch of the aloe plant that lives on my kitchen windowsill.
Artisan bread. Good every season. And so easy to make. This loaf joined a meal of roasted vegetables and grilled salmon.
A new sketch journal in the works for the new season. A ritual I have been keeping for a couple of years now. However, this book is being made with 140lb. Kilimanjaro cold pressed watercolor paper instead of my usual Canson Edition paper. It was time to try something new. Kilimanjaro is my preferred paper for my watercolor paintings, and I do like the feel of the surface. A little soft, not too pebbly- is "pebbly" a word?
And here you can see my messy work table with projects in process. It's all about balance. The balance of creativity in all pursuits, whether cooking or painting, homeschooling or making a home. And celebrating the balance of the Equinox this very welcome spring.


Polly Birchall said...

Gosh you have been so busy! Returning your visit re Grasmere in the Snow. Surely in the Blue Ridge Mountain area you have lovely chalets etc.

Dan Kent said...

Great photos!

Love to see all of the pencils, etc. in the workspace - it looks busy and used which is how it should be! And where did you buy that beautiful watercolor palette?!

Ann said...

Thanks Polly!
And thank you Dan! The palette is this one from Cheap Joe's, which is right up the road from me.
But I didn't pay nearly that much for it :-) I got it at one of his sidewalk sales for less than half price, the box had been opened or damaged, but the palette was fine. I'm glad I got it, it is wonderful.

Jennifer Rose said...

love the colour of that cotton, very pretty :)

Laure Ferlita said...

You go, girl! Love all the creative activities you've got going on here. I haven't tried the Kilimanjaro paper in a long, long time. Now that I see you successfully making books, I may have to give it a try.

Wonderful post!

Autumn Leaves said...

Ann, you live a lifestyle I so envy. I seem to have lost my caring along the way. Too many years of struggling. I don't know which of your photos makes me happiest as they are all wonderful!!

Debbie Nolan said...

Ann - this is a lovely post...thanks for sharing all of your wonderful endeavors...balance is certainly a hard thing to strike well but it looks like you are doing a great job. That bread looks wonderful. Bless you.

Unknown said...

I love this glimpse of your workspace!!!! And the book looks so inviting! I just took a bookmaking class (fabric books). I want to learn this stitch you've done here. The only stitch I know is the pamphlet stitch and it's just not good for binding heavy thick watercolor paper. Let's plan a get together this summer during one of the Art in the Park weekends and share some art and bookmaking tips. Your work just keeps getting more beautiful!

Ann said...

Thanks Deborah! It would be fun to meet up again - let me know! For making sketchbooks, I did a post a while back with links to instructions. It is here


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