Tuesday, October 1, 2013

sketchbook :: autumn is a time of change

I sketched these leaves that has drifted onto our deck with watercolor only on the first page of my newly made Autumn sketchbook.
I want to approach this sketchbook a little differently from what I have been doing. I had been feeling that these books were becoming a little too precious. So I looked at all the options for purchasing a sketchbook and even tried out a nice spiral bound model, but just couldn't get past the quality of the paper. I like my watercolor paper best, so I put together a new sketchbook, a little larger for me, 7 x 10 inches this time. I think I am going to like this size. On this page spread I played with the composition for a watercolor painting with the small pencil sketch and practiced painting a field of goldenrod and asters with an old fan brush. I love it when the lavender asters and bright yellow goldenrod are blooming, as they are everywhere right now.
Here is the size comparison of my completed Spring/Summer sketchbook and my new Autumn sketchbook. I covered my new sketchbook with fabric left over from Kiddo's sewing project. She made curtains for her room to replace the ones I had made when I was expecting her a little over 15 years ago now. It was time for a change.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i miss all the fall colours this time of year, leaves change here but no to the degree that they do in north america

she picked a really nice fabric for her new curtains :D

once you find paper that you really like, you dont want to use anything else :)

CrimsonLeaves said...

I just love that you are teaching your daughters to sew. My girls had no interest in that at all. Love the paintings in your book, Ann. The books themselves are just lovely.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I meant "daughter," not "daughters."

Debbie Nolan said...

Ann - love your sketchbooks. I know I have been keeping mine more regularly this year. There is something wonderful to open them up and once again be transported back to a certain day or season or time. Love your fall landscape. Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful.

Ann said...

Thanks Jennifer, Sherry and Debbie!
And that's okay Sherry - it should be "leaves had drifted" not "has" sheesh!

Queen Of Dreamsz Art and Collections said...

I have so enjoyed looking through your blog at your wonderful watercolor art.

I'm a doodler these days...but I also sew, crochet, play with and collect paper.

I'd love for you to pop in for a visit when you have a moment.

Have a wonderful day,
Steph ♥


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