Tuesday, June 2, 2015

sketchbook :: Edisto part one

I brought two sketchbooks with me for our trip to Edisto  Beach, South Carolina. All of the sketches in this post were done in my handmade sketch journal that is 7 x 8 inches and filled with 140lb Kilimanjaro cold press watercolor paper. Some sketches occupied only one page, while others went across the entire page spread. I did not scan every sketch that I made on this trip as there were quite a lot!
The screened porch of our rental cottage offered many opportunities to fill a sketchbook page. Sometimes I practiced painting the palm leaves and I made many sketches of sea shells.
The limes were for a recipe we were planning to make along with fresh fish from the local market.
We were very good this year and only brought back our very favorite sea shell finds.Many that I sketched went back to the beach. Edisto Beach always boasts a lot of shells for the treasure hunter.
Not all my sketches were done on that lovely screened porch. This was from an outing to the St. Helena Sound side of the island. Our dogs enjoy this stretch of beach as the waves are much more gentle for cooling off in the water.
There was a canal behind our cottage and with a backyard filled with palms and live oaks it was a pleasant spot to sit and sketch. I even saw a great blue heron swooping along the waterway.
And just sitting on the beach with my sketch book was a wonderful way to pass time, practicing painting skies.


Danielle M said...

Looks like you had a nice time and got a lot of art done!

CrimsonLeaves said...

You got beautiful movement in the water sketch, Ann. I always love your soft sketches like this. They lend so much to a feeling of rest and peace!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wonderful sketches :D lovely colours

i found a bag of shells when i was cleaning up, so no more shells from the beach for me, unless I get rid of some :p


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