Monday, April 25, 2016

sketchbook :: spring's blooming in my yard

I wasn't sure I would see lilac blossoms this year after the hard freeze we had a few weeks back. Many of the lilac buds did turn brown and wither, but a few survived and are now beginning to bloom. My lilac bush is a favorite of mine and I so look forward to its fragrant blossoms each spring.
And although the forsythia is mostly finished blooming now, they were spectacular this year. Ours are not kept in tidy hedges, but grow wildly at the edge of our woods. This year the color was so vibrant they reminded me of fireworks bursting forth in all their golden yellow glory.

Both sketches were done with watercolor only in an 8 x 8 inch watercolor journal.

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose said...

nice bright colours :)

my tulips and daffies will be lucky to survive the snow we've been having :(


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