Friday, December 9, 2016

landscape abstracted

Misty Morning Song
acrylic and graphite on paper
8 x 11 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

In continuing with my abstracted mountain landscape theme, this painting may be the most abstracted in the series so far, or the most nearly non-objective painting depending upon how you look at it. I used my same limited palette of teal, purple, ochre, and white but also introduced ultramarine blue. I like the tension created with the ultramarine and teal in the composition.

When It Rains In November
acrylic, Inktense, and graphite on paper
8 x 11 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

This painting was made on the first rainy day we had experienced here in months. After weeks and weeks of drought and wild fires too close by for comfort, the rain was such a relief and wonderful to listen to all day long. I think it was that sound of rain that influenced the abundance of little shapes and patterns in this composition. Here I also used a little magenta Intense to liven up the teal, ochre, and purple palette. I am enjoying the challenge of keeping my palette limited with this series, as you probably know by now that if left unchecked I do have a tendency to use ALL the crayons in the box, I like color that much. So by keeping my hues limited I am more conscious of how I am using value and intensity, adding to the challenge, and ultimately the fun, of painting abstractly.

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