Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sketchbook Tuesday

Thought I forgot, didn't you. Here it is Tuesday again and I do have another page from my sketchbook to share. We picked up these lovely acorn squash from the grocery last weekend. I wonder what people at the store must think as I examine produce looking for interesting shapes and color. I chose three squash, cooked two and painted the one remaining. This one was painted in my watercolor Moleskine. It was the first time I had tried cooking acorn squash and found it surprisingly easy to prepare and very tasty.

Today I spent some time looking online at various sketchbooks, sketching kits and portable organizers for art supplies. I have collected a few different sketchbooks and have so many sketching supplies that I can get overwhelmed just trying to decide what media to use and in which sketchbook to work. I would like to be more minimal with all of this. Then there is the dilemma of what to put in my sketchbook(s). Should there be a theme? Different books for different themes and media, or everything in one sketchbook? Critical decisions to consider. I love looking through my copy of Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life for inspiration. Also, I have signed up for Cathy Johnson's upcoming class Keeping An Artist's Journal. So I am getting myself ready. It will be lots of fun to explore this topic with a group of artists and Kate is such a great teacher. And no doubt there will be many more sketch book pages to post on Tuesdays around here.


MaryO said...

I'm excited about the class, too, Ann, and glad that you'll be there, too. I enjoy seeing your work!

Krista Meister said...

Hi, Ann, so glad you're taking Kate's class! I am too. I believe she'll be talking about the very things she mentioned above. Nice squash! How did you end up cooking it?

Em said...

Ann, this is a beautiful painting. I love the way some of the colours blur together.

As for journals - I know what you mean! My key problem with journals is that I'm left-handed, so I don't like ones that don't sit flat. I recently bound myself one, and didn't think about how it wouldn't sit flat, so now I'm drawing in it upside-down, so that the spine is on the right-hand side!!!
I'm very tempted to buy a new one!

Perhaps with your journals, you could rebind the pages you've already done all into one journal, then start afresh with another journal?

In any case, no matter where you put them, your drawings and paintings are wonderful!

Alex said...

Beautiful colors! And I am sure what you cooked turned out great :)
Speaking of Dan Gregory's Illustrated Life, my copy is pretty much still brand new, but I've had it packed in a box and ready for shipping already. I really should flip through the pages more often, but I know that I'll have the time to do so later, and it will be a very good reference to my wife-to-be as well since she wants to learn how to sketch but not sure where to start. I believe that's because she hasn't found the right style for her yet, and Danny's book will help with that for sure ^^

Anonymous said...

Love the looseness of this sketch as well as the colours.
There seem to be a lot of us with lots of sketch books on the go. I am trying to use up those I have started ages ago so I can buy a new one!

Anonymous said...

Ann, love the colors in your acorn squash! (My favorite veggie )

Perhaps you have covered this before, but if not would you please share what kind of colored watercolor pencils you are using? I know you have the neocolors, but just wondering what else you are using, if anything. I am in the midst of buying some new ones..have 36 derwents but really looking at the FC's or CA supercolor IIs...know they are both good product, just wonering what you are using.

I am also thinking of taking one of Cathy Johnson's on line classes. You seemed to have really enjoyed the last one...

I seem to be going thru the phase...of what should I paint...what media...etc...I know we have all been there, but after reading your blog I realize that what I really want to do is hone my drawing skills and focus more on the journey, not the finished product. Of course that's not to say I won't be doing large paintings in pastels etc, but just need to focus more and I think this way will help.

always enjoy your postings.

With thanks, Pam

Ann said...

Thanks everyone!

Krista and Mary, I'm glad you both will be in the class too. It looks like a great group!

Krista - I found a simple recipe where you slice the squash in half (needed a rubber mallet to get the knife through!) then dot it with butter, sprinkle with brown sugar, and bake around 350 for 40 minutes or so.

Pam, Do take Cathy's class if you can - they are so worth it. For this sketch I used a little travel set of Sennelier watercolors. In watercolor pencils you can't go wrong with Faber-Castell Durers. I use those plus I have a set of Rembrandt Lyra Aquaelles that I like but the colors are slightly more subtle than FCs - which sometimes is a good thing!

Jennifer Rose said...

it might be a common sight, at the very least people might stop and ask what you are doing. telling them you are an artist might result in a sale, or you could go the crazy way and say you are looking for a replacement for wilson....:p

i find sketchbooks so hard to start and while I do usually have a theme for one it ends up being filled with everything lol

Ramona Davidson said...

Love the colors on that squash. You did a great job painting it. Thanks for sharing.

Dan Kent said...

Prettiest squash I ever did see - love the blending and colors!

Lynn said...

Ann, you said "I chose three, cooked two and painted one". I too, am the one standing in the produce area looking for the perfect specimen to paint. Do you think we need a self-help group?

donna said...

Great squash!

Carolina said...

Great painting, Ann, I like it.
I hope you enjoy your classes and learn and find all you're looking for.
Best regards,

Carolina said...

Great painting, Ann, I like it.
I hope you enjoy your classes and learn and find all you're looking for.
Best regards,

MILLY said...

Lovely colours, great subject to paint. It has a loose watery feel to it.
Carolina has won my give away, please see my blog.

Ann said...

Thanks again everyone!
Jennifer - you gave me a good chuckle! I AM going to try that out sometime!
Lynn- not a self help group, but maybe just a group to share images of our awesome produce!

Patty Ruthe said...

Art and recipies. Nice. I like the squash.

Jennifer Edwards said...

I do love your pencil work...but this little watercolor is tops! A gem.


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