Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I believe I've got it this time. Went back to "Nemcosky Art" for the header and added the more personal. "Ann's Notes from the Studio". Not that I didn't like "Ann's Art Journal", but after looking it over and realizing that lots of artists use 'Art Journal' in their blog title I wasn't entirely comfortable with that. Although 'Art Journal' is a great title as it states exactly what this blog is about, journaling the creative process, I did feel I should be a little more unique. Where as there are many Ann's, you have to admit that 'Nemcosky' is unique as far as names go.

Now I did wonder about the 'Studio' part though. In my dreams I imagine a large, well lit room with big windows and minimal furnishings, maybe even a nice fireplace and a cozy chair, and lots of storage space for all my art supplies to be ever so neatly organized. Hmmmm. . . My worn Webster's defines 'studio' as 1. An artist's place of work. 2. A place where an art is studied or taught.

Well. As you can see in the photo my little corner in our 3rd bedroom does qualify as this artist's place of work. Clutter and all. Living in a small house we have learned to adapt what space we do have for many uses. This small room is not only my 'studio' but also home to our computers and my daughter's art supplies and shelves of toys. With an air mattress on the floor it functions as a guest bedroom too. A closet holds all my sewing and needlework stuff, except for my current crochet project which you can see in the basket on the floor in the foreground right under my daughter's pants that need a button sewn on. Our kitchen and dining area is also a school room complete with a blackboard, a wall of bookshelves that serves as a library, science and craft center, oh, and we cook and eat there too. Somehow it all works.


Jennifer Rose said...

I think a lot of artists have dreams of a studio like your dreams, but usually end up with a corner of the house. (I would love a skylight, and loads of shelves for books, plus a table like the one you have :) )

I'm using a spare room too, I should take a picture for my blog lol to show how small it is. I'm using the bed as a shelf, its covered with books,fabric and boxes.

Ann said...

Oooh, I forgot about the skylight! Absolutely must have one of those too!

Dee said...

Oh you are sooooo right about the dreams of a studio!!! Thanks for sharing your little studio corner. I've not the guts to take pics of my studio until I at least pick it up a bit. I like your chance in the title, with the comments under. And down the road, you may want to chance the comments, the whole work-in-progress thing, ya know. :)

Ann said...

Thanks Dee! but won't share a pic of your studio too - please?


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