Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Toys!

I got two new art toys this past week! It is so exciting having new art materials and these new additions to my 'studio' are no exception. The first is a small sketchbook that I picked up from the sale table at a local art supplier. I have to admit that I really wanted it because of its' nice blue cover. This is a small, 5.5 inch square sketchbook put out by Global Art. It is hardbound with a cloth cover and opens flat. The cream colored paper is acid free with pretty good tooth. Called "Travel•e•logue journals" I liked the size, easy to drop into my bag and take along.

Which is what I did today. I tried it out with this week's EDM challenge #147, to draw something made of wood. I packed this sketchbook along with a wooden spoon from my kitchen and did this quick drawing while waiting for kiddo during one of her classes. I chose the wooden spoon because I enjoy cooking, especially this time of year. Soups and stews bubbling in a big pot on the stove, made from scratch and stirred by this wooden spoon. Keeps our family warm
on a chilly winter's day.

My other new toy is a Tool Turn-About that is sold by Pampered Chef. I had heard that these were nice for storing colored pencils, so when I came across a Pampered Chef catalog one day in the lobby of kiddo's dance school, well, you can imagine my excitement. I felt ready for a step up from my plastic plant 6-pack that I had been using to organize my colored pencil collection. And now that I have my pencils all organized in the Turn-About I am glad I made this particular studio upgrade. It has room for all my colored pencils and then some yet takes up much less space than my petunia 6-pack did on my small supply shelf. And it spins!


quirkyartist said...

I love your tool turn-about - fantastic. But do you have another set of pencils for when you go out to draw, or do you have to put them in a pencil case each time?

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by Wendy! I do have another set, my lyra rembrandts, that I use when I go out and draw. I either keep them in their tin and slide that into my sketchbook folio or put them into one of those roll-up pencil holders, just depending on what I plan on doing and where I'm going. Although my day to day life doesn't allow for as much drawing time, especially plein air, as I would like, so it's not often a concern. I mostly use prismacolors and polychromos for working on my pieces at home. And those I have separated in the turn-about, one brand per tier. It's working great:)

Unknown said...

Hi Ann!
I have been enjoying the beautiful artwork and reading your journal also. Wow On the Forest Floor is hands down my favorite. I thought it was a photograph!


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