Thursday, December 6, 2007

Something Soothing

This is this week's challenge from EDM, #148, to draw something soothing. There's not much soothing to me this week, and even this little drawing looks a bit stressed to me right now. But there it is. While I was fine on Monday, Tuesday hit me with a whopper of a sore throat and it's been all downhill since. Yesterday I sat propped on the sofa with my tissue box nearby and thought, well at least these are the tissues with lotion added - that's soothing. I'm sorry to say that by this evening, even the tissues are no longer soothing.


Sherry said...

My husband is in the same boat, coughing, sneezing. When I was teaching once a year I gave the students a few points of extra credit if they brought in a box of tissues, because the classes inevitably were all suffering from nasty colds by this time of the season. I woulnd't have know this week's challenge unless I saw your post.

Ann said...

Hope your husband feels better soon Sherry! Good idea about the tissues. Maybe a hand washing rule would be good too :-)


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