Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catching Up

Although I have been drawing a little bit lately, I haven't taken the time to post until now. These are the next three Everyday Matters challenges, plus Challenge #1, Draw a Shoe. One of my goals for the upcoming year is to work through all the Everyday Matters drawing challenges as a method for practicing drawing from life. A practice I desperately need. All of these drawings are in my little '' journal and drawn with an inexpensive mechanical pencil except the first, #149, where I also used a Sketch and Wash pencil. I would like to become comfortable with the most basic of drawing mediums, graphite, before moving on. This is my goal, with drawing from life, anyway. Besides, I like seeing what can be done with just a pencil.
This challenge, #149, was to draw a broom. This is a drawing of my drafting brush which I use like a broom. It sweeps away all the eraser crumbs from my drawing board. All the mistakes and false starts. Gone. I bought this drafting brush as a part of the required supplies for some early college art course. That's how long I've had it, sweeping away all of my errors over the years.

For EDM challenge #150, Draw a Candle, I drew a couple of beeswax candles made by kiddo.

EDM challenge #1, Draw a Shoe. I've had these shoes forever. Probably since 1991. Hubby got them for me one Christmas. I've worn them gardening, around town, and walking on the beach. They were the only shoes I could wear when I was pregnant with kiddo, my feet were so swollen. They saw me through though. I still wear them around the house and yard in the summer. And to the beach.

EDM #151, Pick any previous challenge and give it a holiday twist. I went with challenge #147, Something Made of Wood, and drew this little Nutcracker. This is one of kiddo's Nutcrackers from her collection. She collects Nutcrackers because she has danced in the Nutcracker Ballet every year since she was three. That's six years now. Wow. Where does the time go?


Anonymous said...

Very lovely sketches.
Greetings from France

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

These are lovely. I especially like the Birk and the Nutcracker.

Lynn said...

The nutcracker is stunning! Love the shadows and reflections, and that wild wonderful hair.

quirkyartist said...

Great drawings. I love the shoe. You can tell it is well-worn and well-loved.

Jennifer Rose said...

Lovely sketches! :D Nice textures drawn on all of them.
Shoes made now would never last that long, unless you pay an arm a leg for them.

Ann said...

Thanks everyone! I am having fun doing these sketches. Although drawing from life is still quite a challenge for me it gets easier each time.

Anonymous said...

These are all very nicely done, Ann. Keep up the good work!

Karen Winters

Anonymous said...

that's really great work .. i liked the brush n the shoe ..well done

RedParrot said...

Your sketches are lovely. They look so rich and warm. Also - I'm a huge fan of the Nutcracker ballet ... love the sketch you did. : ) Cheers! Mary Ellen


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