Tuesday, January 1, 2008


January on Rich Mountain
graphite and colored pencil on paper
6 x 6 inches
copyright 2007 by Ann Thompson Nemcosky

Here is my brief review of 2007 and new art goals for 2008. When transferring to my 2008 desk calendar I looked at my list of goals for 2007 that I had hastily jotted down last January and my art goals were to 'make art'. Yep. Just that simple.

Well. Here's what happened with that. Last year I received a set of 24 Prismacolor pencils
for Christmas. I had previously been doing graphite pencil drawings and was thinking it was time I returned to making art on a more regular basis after many years of doing very little art work. In fact, over those past eight or nine years I had completed only as many artworks. It was all hit or miss. Usually misses. But I wanted to get back to making art. Drawing with graphite was a method I settled on as that fit my life, with no studio space and very little free time it is portable and there are no timing issues. After spotting an article on colored pencil artists I was intrigued and put colored pencils on my Santa list.

So it was just about a year ago that I first tried colored pencil on the drawing shown above. That led to more research about colored pencil techniques and colored pencil artists. After having a few false starts trying to get back into painting over those years I had finally found a way to make art that fit my limited space and time. Although I enjoy drawing in graphite my background is in painting and here was a way to incorporate color into my work.

Purple Cone Flower
colored pencil on paper
5 x 7 inches
copyright 2007 by Ann Thompson Nemcosky

My research into colored pencil was exciting for me. I began practicing with this new medium. Last spring I discovered and joined the online group, WetCanvas, where I jumped in with the monthly challenges on the colored
pencil forum. I started keeping a sketch book again. After receiving a camera for Mother's Day I began collecting images for photo references. During the course of the year I set monthly goals for my drawing. One month I concentrated on flowers. Then trees and later skies studies. I began this blog last August and find keeping up with posting to be very motivating for keeping up with my art work. Then in October I joined Everyday Matters and began working on my drawing skills some more. The support I receive here and through these groups is so encouraging and I truly appreciate every bit of it.

Whalehead Sound

colored pencil on pastel paper
7 x 5 inches
copyright 2007 by Ann Thompson Nemcosky

So here I am. I did complete a good amount of art works this past year. Now it's time for setting art goals for 2008.

1. Complete one finished colored pencil piece per month.

2. Complete one sketchbook piece per month experimenting with various media.
Move out of my
comfort zone here and play.

3. Work through the Everyday Matters drawing challenges working
in graphite in my small
sketchbook. The purpose here to work on
my drawing from life skills, gaining confidence.

4. Develop ACEOs for sales.

5. Enter six shows with colored pencil works.

6. Re-design and update my art website

7.And of course, continue with this blog and
posting as regularly as possible.
Looking Up
colored pencil and Neocolor II on pastel board
6 x 12 inches
copyright 2007 by Ann Thompson Nemcosky

And that's it. I have the habit of setting goals too high and too many and then becoming overwhelmed into inactivity. So I have tried to keep these very reasonable considering I am also homeschooling my 9 year old daughter, keeping her active in various activities and still getting free-lance design work from time to time. I need the design work, well my pocket book does, and homeschooling is my primary job right now. But I am also preparing for the possibility that I just might be able to get somewhere with my artwork. That's plan A anyway. There is no plan B. Just another one of those impossible things I like to believe each day before breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea that your colored pencil work was so recent. They're just beautiful! Enjoyed reading your goals and I look forward to seeing the products on your blog. Please keep sharing.

Nina Johansson said...

Beautiful artwork, and I think your art goals sound reasonable. I´m looking forward to seeing the results on your blog! Good luck!

Linda said...

I just love your artwork! I think your goals are really well thought out, and just know that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. You've shown us some great examples of your art here, too. Happy 2008!!!

genxster said...

Wow! You mean you've only been working with colored pencils for a year? The pieces you've posted are beautiful. Good luck with your goals. I hope 2008 is a great year for you.

Barbara said...

These are so gorgeous, Ann, every one of them. And, while I was looking at your blog, I noticed that you have my One Happy Fool link in your sidebar. THANK YOU! - Barbara

Shelly McC said...

Stunning work!

Lynn said...

Your colored pencil work is simply gorgeous! It's a good medium for you. And I like your goals, too. Good luck with them!

Ann said...

Thank you all! I really do appreciate all of your encouraging comments. Thanks for stopping by!

starrgirl's world said...

Your colored pencil pieces are quite lovely. Wonderful work in such a short time! Love the goals, too. I look forward to being your goal buddy and seeing what happens this year!

Rita said...

Excellent, and attainable, plan you've set out Ann. Good luck with all of it and a Happy New Year!

PS- The coneflower is gorgeous! :)

Roshanda said...

This is beautiful! That sky is amazing!!

Terri said...

You do amazing work! You are so talented. My favorite is the flower it looks real. That is cool that you set all those goals for yourself. I know how hard it can be to get everything done we want to do with everything else we do too. I hope you will still be able to meet your goals though.

Ann said...

Thank you all so much!!! It is encouraging to have such wonderful support from all of you. :)

MILLY said...

Lovely to discover your work. I have to agree that your work with coloured pencils is beautiful.
I too have set myself some goals, I do try to draw everyday . Maybe I will try more challenges and post more work. It is inspiring being part of EDM, and being able to see so much great art work.

Ann said...

Thanks Eileen! I enjoy seeing your work too. It is fun being a part of EDM. Thanks for stopping by :)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my (naive/primitive/unschooled) paintings. Especially because now I got to see YOUR wonderful work. And lofty goals. I may re-think my choice to avoid art related goals!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

You do GORGEOUS work, Ann! And your goals sound great. I'm sure you'll easily meet them.

Lindsay said...

Ann, I see you are another graphite lover. I've enjoyed visiting your site. And thanks for your kind comment on my blog


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