Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something that needs fixing

Here it is, my chewed up couch pillow that I have been meaning to fix. This is for Everyday Matters challenge # 167. It was drawn with a Faber Castell Polychormos colored pencil, walnut brown, in my small journal.

This pillow is the last item our springer spaniel has attempted to destroy to date, and it has been several months now since this incident. We believe he is maturing beyond that destructive puppy stage but this pillow with its gaping hole remains as a reminder. What he destroyed in his extended puppyhood he has more than made up for with his devotion, especially to kiddo. And here he is, in all his cuteness.


Jennifer Rose said...

He is very cute! Every time we thought our dog was done with the destructive puppy stage, he would go and chew up another game controller cord :/ He was really lucky he didn't get shocked the one time.

PamYla said...

Wow your pillow looks great and your doggie looks so sweet! When my dog was a puppie he would chew on my wooden chairs

Rita said...

Very, very cute Ann!

I'm very happy that your daughter has such a loyal (and adorable) buddy. There's really nothing better than the devotion of a four-legged side-kick, is there? ;)

PS- and how ironic that my word verification contains the letters comprising the word "wag"!!

SCquiltaddict said...

what a cute dog and what a great drawing of a chewed up pillow...awesome even

Ann said...

Thanks! I am enjoying the puppy stories!
Jennifer, I'm glad your puppy survived!
Pamyla, our other dog, the corgie, did the same thing. Thankfully only briefly though.
Rita, it is a good thing Sammie is so devoted, he is like kiddo's shadow. Thanks Margaret!

Anonymous said...

Hard to be annoyed with cute puppies and babies - great job representing the texture of the pillow and stuffing.

Brian said...

Always a joy to visit your blog; I actually have it bookmarked. Hope to see many more of your drawings!

Sandy said...

AHHHH so cute, and the pillow sketch is truly Amazing!!! My 9 year old lab chewed much of a large upholstered sitting chair to get to a ball underneath!!! He Did thankfully grow out of it ;-)

Ann said...

Sandy! A whole chair!
Thank you Sandy, Brian, and Shirley for your kind comments :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

lovely Ann, :) how did you find the walnut brown ? :)

Margaret Ann said...

Really looks soft and tempting to chew! :)

Question for you...Are you using the square Hand book artist journal? I just received the red hand book artist journal and really love it...I think the square format looks really tempting...are you pleased with it?
Have you tried watercolor in it yet?

And, Thanks for popping by for a visit and leaving such a lovely comment! :)

E-J said...

Simple but beautiful drawing of a pillow! We don't have any pets, but most of what's destroyed in our house meets its fate at the hands and teeth of a 20-month-old daughter ... I imagine the damage to be quite similar. :)


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