Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Being there

quote by Annie Dillard from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
walnut brown Faber Castell Polychromo in Windsor Newton small sketch journal

I apologize for my absence from posting. This last week and weekend were very hectic here with family visiting, dance rehearsals and performances. Fun, but I am so relieved that is all over now. All went very well. Kiddo was in five individual dance numbers, including modern, jazz, tap and ballet. I don't know how she keeps it all straight and does so well. These aren't just some kid-type recital shows either. They are full scale productions with dancers of all ages, including professionals, in a theater complete with the full complement of sets and lighting. Can you tell I'm proud of her?

But now it's back to the comfort of our day-to-day routine. Through all the recent flurry of activity any semblance of our normal routine was abandoned. Today I am trying to regain my sense of balance. I realized how I depend on the normalcy of our routine to maintain that balance in my life and activities. And even though it's sometimes fun and exciting to have a change of pace for a while I am always happy when things settle back into their usual rhythm. I'm a pretty boring person really.


Spinneretta said...

I like it... I love nature journal entries anyway ;) but I have to admit the shape of the driftwood is very interesting!

E-J said...

Very sensitive drawing. Welcome "back" :)

seesue said...

I love a proud mama. Your dgtrs dance schedule is amazing and I'm sure the two of you are pleased and looking forward to some
s-l-o-w time. Your driftwood sketch is wonderful and the shape of it reminds me of my May 2 sketch (which is just an outline and so did not show up in the photo I meant to post).
At any rate, congratulations on a few different levels.

art addict said...

Funny, I was just browsing your blog today when I got called away unexpectedly. I wanted to come back, and then I say you commented on my blog!

Yes- we have a number of things in common- daughters who dance (I have one daughter, 11, who is into ballet and pointe most, but also likes tap).

I also have a Springer Spaniel like you do! Her name is Sofie and she is a hoot. She is only one of our three dogs.

If you want to see Sofie in action, check out this video of her swimming- it's pretty funny!

I love your work- exquisitely beautiful. Your pastels are luscious!

Margaret Ann said...

Beautiful drawing ...beautiful writing to accompany it! :)

Christie said...

May I quote you on that? It's a beautiful commentary, and the drawing is lovely.

Deborah said...

I enjoy this one a lot. I am really drawn to the texture of trees and logs.

Anonymous said...

Only today I came across with your blog and I loved what I found here.

hfm - http://tcores.blogspot.com

Ann said...

Thanks everyone. I seem to be getting quite a collection of sketch books, each with its own purpose. Now to keep up with them all!


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