Monday, December 29, 2008

145 Days

That's how many days I worked on art this past year. I saw this idea last December on someone's blog, I'm sorry I don't remember where now, but thought it would be a fun way to track my time spent making art this year. So each day's square that is colored in is a day that I did something, worked on a drawing or even just scribbled a sketch in my journal. Of course there are a couple of days left yet this year, so I may color in another square or two before 2009 begins.

So here is my art year in review. Below are the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

1. Complete one finished colored pencil piece per month. I actually completed 17 colored pencil pieces, not counting ACEOs. Probably a few more than that but not all made it into my inventory system.

2. Complete one sketchbook piece per month experimenting with various media. Move out of my comfort zone here and play. I did fill one sketchbook and began three more. I did several works in pastel. I also started practicing with watercolor and did try experimenting with drawing in ink, oil pastels, and painting in acrylic with marginal success. No, you didn't see the results of much of this experimentation because that's what they were - experiments. And that was the point- to play. Besides, I don't know how long ago it was that I actually filled a sketchbook, so that was a personal accomplishment for me.

3. Work through the Everyday Matters drawing challenges working in graphite in my small
sketchbook. The purpose here to work on my drawing from life skills, gaining confidence. Did that. And that makes two sketchbooks I finished. Okay, I didn't do every drawing challenge and some that I did do I will never post. Although there were a couple that I completed from photographs most were drawn from life. I can't emphasize enough the importance of drawing from life and how that regular practice has helped me with my confidence with drawing.

4. Develop ACEOs for sales. Did that, too. I made 21 ACEOs for sales, many of these were drawn from life as well.

5. Enter six shows with colored pencil works. Here I didn't meet my goal. I entered only two exhibits, was accepted to one, and that piece did sell at the show.

6. Re-design and update my art website. I got this accomplished right away at the beginning of 2008. I also set up an inventory system for tracking my art work that has been working smoothly for me and has been very helpful this past year.

7.And of course, continue with this blog and posting as regularly as possible. Yep, I did that. Sometimes it seems I could make better use of my time than sitting here at the computer. But the rewards of keeping a blog have thus far exceeded the investment of my time. I find it motivating in that it helps me stay focused on working on my art and the support, along with sharing of ideas with artist friends, is so very valuable.

So how did I do? I am now working on a new set of goals for the new year that I will post soon.


Shirley said...

Congratulations Ann. You accomplished a great deal - very focused for sure. I look forward to reading (and learning from) your 2009 goals.

Spinneretta said...

Well I think you did very well :) I also happen to agree that the time I spend online actually motivates me MORE- gives me new heart to go on :) The support and challenges make me do more than I would on my own :)
Here's to a great and art filled new year!

Rose Welty said...

Ann, you did such a wonderful job this year! I really think it shows in your has really matured.

Well done!

Looking forward to reading about next year.

Jennifer Rose said...

Colouring the calendar is a great idea, really shows how much art you have done. With all the EDM sketches that you have done, you can see the improvement in your drawing, and I always look forward to your sketches :D

purplepaint said...

Oh this is a great idea! I'm going to have to find a similar blank calendar.

Mary Timme said...

I love this idea and will implement it next year. I do a lot of art work that isn't every accounted for and this is one way to see my own progress. Thanks for sharing this great idea with all of us, and I think I have just the calender! Wonderful idea! You are so smart to have thought of it.

Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing the "art calendar" idea. Sounds like an easy, positive way to motivate oneself. I'll definitely be trying that.

P.S. In taking stock of your year, do give yourself a pat on the back for all you've accomplished... I've seen some simply stunning artwork on your blog.

Rita said...

Great job Ann!

I can honestly say that I've seen your work get better and better through the course of the year. I can only imagine the incredible quality of work you'll be creating in 2009!

Lynn said...

Wow, you accomplished a lot this year. Congratultions! One more accomplishement that you could add is "inspiring all those people in the EDM group". Thank you for that.

Kathleen said...

Ann, I agree with Lynn you have no idea how your support and comments inspire and encourage - I admire your work and your positive spirit and I'm so glad I joined EDM so that I could meet people like you - You have accomplished much this year and I can't wait to see what is to come - thanks-- Kathleen

Laurel Neustadter said...

The calendar is a great idea. You accomplished a lot in 2008 - congratulations! I agree with your thoughts on experimenting but not posting ... one of my 2009 goals is to spend more time experimenting.

Carol O. said...

You are one dedicated artist! The calendar is great and it shows a "Just Do It" attitude that other artists are longing to accomplish.
I agree, you are an inspiration and a very encouraging person. I hope 2009, is your best year EVER!!!!!

Ann said...

Thank you all! You guys are so very kind and I couldn't have done half as well without all of you looking over my shoulder!

freebird said...

Coloring in the calendar squares is a great idea. If I can remember to, I think I'll try that one.

You accomplished a great deal this past year. I am quite impressed and think I need a good kick in the rear myself.

Martha Marshall said...

Wow Ann - you are an inspiration! I love how you've organized your priorities (and the colored squares are a nice touch too!)

Best to you in the new year.

"JeanneG" said...

I decided to do the calendar thing for my art working days this year. Also on the back I put another one for Bible study/reading. Both of those things are ones I want to work on more. Good job with all you accomplished in 2008.


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