Wednesday, December 31, 2008


11 x 14 inches
colored pencil on pastel board
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

While last year was about experimentation with my art, this year I want to focus. Focus on simplicity. It's something I would like to do in all the parts of my life, from decluttering our home to decluttering my daily routine. I have been into so many things at once that I now feel the need for more concentrated focus as some things are just beginning to feel like distractions getting in my way. So my art goals for 2009 are are really quite straightforward. Most are some type of continuation of my goals from this past year, only distilled down to much more simple terms. Some I can implement right away, while others will require a longer process to get there. However, keeping focused should be a part of that process.

So here is what I have planned for 2009 -

~Continue with drawing practice and keeping a sketchbook including doing Everyday Matters drawing challenges.

~Study artists from history and contemporary artists that I respond to in relation to what I am trying to do with my own work. I have been working on a list of artists to pull from for this study.

~Develop works in a series. This past year I have been all over the place with subject, sizes, and process, (part of my experimentation). I would like to focus on working in a series this year.

~Continue with this blog, of course, but evaluate the various venues I have explored for sales, perhaps streamlining my efforts over time.

~Put together a gallery submission package. This has been on my to-do list for a while. Now with the economy the way it is I don't know just how practical it will actually be to submit work to retail galleries, so I am giving myself a little more time to work on this one.

~Enter 3 exhibits. Notice I lowered my expectations from last year? There were a couple of shows last year that I considered but couldn't talk myself into entering what with paying an entry fee, then the possible cost of shipping and framing, it can really add up. Entry fees alone can really eat up a budget. So three is the goal for this year.

The piece above is drawn from a photo I took while we were at Edisto Island last fall. There were some amazing clouds creating a lot of drama over the ocean. Sorry the image of my finished work isn't better but we have had some dramatic weather here the past couple of days, making photographing art a challenge, to say the least!


Brenda Yarborough said...

Gorgeous seascape! You've captured all aspects extremely well. . . I am especially drawn to the clouds, they really are receding into the horizon!
Admirable and attainable goal list for '09. I like working in series and feel like I really advance in my skill when I do them (should do them more often)!

Margaret Ann said...

This is stunning...What a dramatic and moody piece...Love it! :)

A great list for 2009...Here's wishing you a delightfully art filled year! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I honestly thought that was a photo, well done :D

Happy New Year :)

MILLY said...

Happy New Year Ann. This is really beautiful.
You achieved so many 2008 goals, looking forward to seeing another year of your wonderful work.

freebird said...

If this is a bad photo of your picture it must be super stunning in real life viewing! This is a really moodful picture.

I haven't quite got used to it being a new year much less making my goals - maybe my goal will be to set realistic goals. ;)

Anetka said...

Beautiful painting, lovely scene:)
I found this post really helpful- thank you:)
Wishing you all the best in New Year and achieving your goals and dreams:)

Anonymous said...

Another stunning seascape Ann. I know I wasn't a very good art don't seem to need anyone "nudging" you and I do enjoy all of your work. I can see that MY goals were really unrealistic but that's okay...this year's goals will be simplified. I love your color in the days calendar and am going to do something like that this year. I hope to get back in the groove soon. Happy New Year!! deni.........;)

Teresa said...

Wow! I drew in a quick breath when this popped up on my screen. It's dramatic but soft. You handle color and value transitions so well. Two thumbs up!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Ann! I like how the clouds echo the warm shape of the sand. Interesting list of goals and evaluation of last years goals. Hmmm, I need to get mine up to par!

Rita said...

This piece is beautiful, Ann! The sky is very moody and the whole piece has just the right feel to it.

Your goals for 2009 are excellent and, I think, very attainable. Happy New Year!

Denise said...

That's a wonderful picture! You've captured a dramatic mood extremely well.

Good luck with your 2009 goals.

Sandy said...

Absolutely stunningly serene - and I have likewise decided to focus on the little things and simplify my life (or at least try to) there is too much busy-ness like static buzzing all the time in every day of my life.

purplepaint said...

This is just gorgeous! Great work!


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