Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something's out of place

And I think it's me. Actually this little sketch is for Everyday Matters drawing challenge #208, draw something out of place. When our snipped forsythia began blooming in its vase at our kitchen table, I realized how delightfully out of place these yellow blossoms were, blooming inside while snow swirled outside our windows.

However, I am woefully out of place with these drawing challenges and attempting to catch up. Also, I am eager to get back on track with all of my art work. I have been sidetracked lately by unpleasant circumstances that I won't bore you with here except to say that they proved to be more of an irritation than they are worth. I am beginning to realize that when things are not going well it is an opportunity for change. Realignment of my priorities is in order. Moving back to the place I want to be.


Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations Ann on recognizing the source of your discontent. The good news is that getting back on track usually isn't difficult. It just takes, as you said, examining our priorities and doing any necessary adjusting. All the best in getting 'back to your place'!

Rose Welty said...

Clarity is such a gift...hope it's a swift move back.

Sandy said...

Congratulations, this sketch is Spot On beautiful.

Mary Timme said...

I've been neglecting the Everyday Matters also, but it has been a good detour with the sketchart. Not good when it is an irritation! You'll move back soon I'm sure!

Teresa said...

I tend to get sidetracked much too easily and have to regularly stop and get myself back on track. Sigh!


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