Tuesday, April 21, 2009

and miles to go

Waterway II
4.5 x 6.5 inches
colored pencil on Rising Museum board
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky
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Here is another piece inspired by the low country marshes of coastal South Carolina. As with my previous post, I used an underpainting with this as well except in shades of pink to deep reds this time. I am really liking this museum board right now for its ability to accept many layers of color, stand up to erasing out highlights and pushing the pencil around with a brush and still maintain that soft textured surface. I am also enjoying my explorations with color while doing these drawings. Working in this smaller size is so much more to my liking now as well. I really got bogged down with that last larger colored pencil piece. I realize now that I can explore so many more ideas when working smaller and can complete a work more quickly.

Also, I must mention this wonderful new spot on the web. I was so happy to find this new website, Colored Pencil Central, put together by none other than Ann Kullberg!

This is just the sort of site I wish had been around when I began researching colored pencil artists. And I am so glad all this information is now available in one place! I have already spent loads of time looking through all the artists' blogs and resources listed. What fun!


Carolyn said...

Love the way you used color for values and shadows...a very peaceful looking scene...very nice!

Jennifer Rose said...

another wonderful water piece :) the way the grasses snake around the board really draws your eye over the whole thing.

I've spent some time looking around on the site too. lots to look at.

Alex said...

Awesome colors, and blades of grass are so defined! :) I like the golden creamy look of it!

Carol said...

Beautiful as always. I really the colors you chose as well.

Teresa Mallen said...

Beautiful use of colour Ann! I like the way your composition leads my eyes through the piece.

freebird said...

Nice piece. Thanks for the link. And "before I sleep" is coming up or am I off-base?

Teresa said...

I love the soft, inviting look you always manage to give your landscapes... makes you want to walk into them!

Re: working small.. isn't it great? Gives lots more time for experimenting!

Mary Timme said...

The link looks almost as inviting as the waterlogged area. Neat. We are 80 or above today and all of that snow is gone. Cooler on Saturday with maybe some rain. We still need it.

I'm not very good at working small. Maybe that is why it takes me so long!

Ann said...

Thanks everyone!
Freebird LOL! I almost did that but then nah, too much of a good thing :)


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