Thursday, April 16, 2009

Promises to keep

Waterway I
4.5 x 6.5 inches
colored pencil on Rising Museum Board
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky
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As promised, here is one of my latest colored pencil pieces, inspired by this scene of the marshes at Edisto Island, SC. I decided to give the Rising Museum Board another try for colored pencil and am getting along with it much better now. I think it helped to let the texture of the board work for me, instead of me working against it. Besides, I do like a soft texture in colored pencil work. It was that soft textured look of Bet Borgeson's art works in colored pencil that made me want to try this surface in the first place.

I also tried a little different method with this one where instead of using a neutral grisaille or "underpainting" as my first layer, I used an analogous grisaille of yellows, ochres, a redish orange, and a warm brown. I think that helps hold the color together better and set the color tone for the piece. I am also trying to break out of my habit of always using local color to describe a scene. I am often drawn to works where the use of color is more expressive than representational. So I am experimenting a bit to see if I can find out how I want to communicate color in my work.

And if I haven't already included enough links in this post for you, here are a few more. I wanted to mention that I have been adding works more regularly to my sales blog. But I did make a small change over there. All sales will now go through my Etsy shop, at least for the time being. The process for purchasing is the same though, and Etsy is just as simple for making a purchase. It was just too complicated for me to keep up with both the sales blog and Etsy. Yet I couldn't imagine letting either one go at this time as they have both generated sales. So streamlining them together seemed a reasonable solution.

And now, for the last link for today, I was delighted to find out that my little "Basil" ACEO was selected for this Treasury collection over at Etsy. How cool is that!


winna said...

I find this to be my favorite work of yours---I like the color and design and mood.

Carol Creech said...

This just glows. I love it! I really enjoy colored pencil myself and it's great to read your explanation of how you did the underpainting. I agree that it seems to set the color tone for the piece and really bring it together.

Alex said...

Awesome! :) The blades of grass shining in yellow, and sinking in darker orange and green. The nice calm blue water, and again yellow sky... it's just so real, and relaxing ^^

Shirley said...

Absolutely lovely - as always!

Kate said...

I love the colors in this work. I agree it really does glow.

Sandy said...

Well, liviing with salt marshes near by I can State, this captures that fabulous glow Perfectly!! just gordeous!

Leigh said...

Very beautiful. Also love the umbrella and pencil sharpener. Always love seeing your work

Jennifer Rose said...

Seeing Bet's work is what got me interested in CPs, her stuff is gorgeous.

So is this :D using a grisaille of warm colours really makes this seem like the sun is shining.

Teresa Mallen said...

Beautiful work Ann! Definitely glows and the analogous grisaille has worked wonderfully. Congrats on your 'Basil' ACEO getting selected. Very cool!

kazumiwannabe said...

This is gorgeous! Wonderful colors and feeling, good for the soul!
I wasn't there in time to comment, but I love your older paintings too, they're beautiful : )!

leslie said...

This is just beautiful!


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