Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Summer is winding down around here. It seems way too soon yet we are beginning to settle into our fall routine anyway. As the pace of my days picks up I find I am reconsidering my intentions with my art work. I began the year wanting to focus on the essentials. I am slowly working my way back to that train of thought.

Above is another of my Neocolor II and colored pencil drawings on a 7 x 10 inch hot press block.
This is for Everyday Matters #236, draw the palm of your left hand.
I did EDM #10 as well, draw your hand. Both are done with watercolor pencil in my square journal.


Alex said...

The watercolor pencil result is so good! We all know how masterful you are with colored pencils, but when you add the water into them, it's almost magical and all the natural and artistic shades start to form. But I really like that courage to just go for it.. it brings out the true strength of a true artist

Mary Timme said...

Oh, I do like both! Make that all 3. I think you'll do what you do and that will be the best thing. I'm sure you will settle it in your own mind.

Peachtreeart said...

I love how you rendered your thumb nail, looks very realistic

The Victorious place said...

Love the hands. Very nice job!!!

Missed you guys on the blogs. For a long time did not have a puter and also stopped drawing for a while. Started again and someone gave me a very nice new puter just a few wks ago.

Teresa said...

Wow... great job on the hands, Ann!

It's been in the low 90's all week in my part of NC.. supposed to be in the middle 80's next week. I wish it would snow. :-)

Anonymous said...

Terrific sketch of a hand! I love the Neocolor and watercolor pencil pieces- so soft and expressive, lovely.

G-Lori said...

You captured some many details of your hand. It looks like I could almost touch them.

Kate said...

wonderful hands.....they can be such a challenge.


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