Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sketchbook Tuesday

I decided to do a little media exploration to see how well I might get along with various media for working in my sketchbook. You would think I already had some idea but by doing this exercise I did learn a thing or two. I chose one of my reference photos and repeated it in all sorts of different media. The images here are just a sampling.

I learned that I do like watercolor for its immediacy in journaling and that a black grape Prismacolor pencil works wonderfully as complement to landscape colors when I want to scribble in a bit of structure with line.
I also learned that a good old pencil is still a favorite of mine for sketching. It works just as well as a brief statement, like the one above, as it does for more finished drawings.
And as much as I enjoy colored pencil and watercolor pencils I do tend to spend much more time when working with these media. Sometimes that is exactly what I want, to spend some time, but if I am looking for a way to quickly get down an idea this would probably only frustrate me and not be a good choice for sketching. This is all good stuff to be aware of if I am to make a habit of keeping an artist's journal. So what are your favorite sketching tools? When working in your sketchbook, what floats your boat?


raena said...

I find this type of post very educational. And I love learning moments! Thank you for doing it!

The first two are the best, IMO.

My favorite tools for the sketchbook are Kuru Toga auto-rotating mechanical pencil, 05(stays sharp),and watercolors. I too find the watercolor pencils tedious.
And lately I've also been using the col-erase black and blue prismacolors. They feel good on the paper, build tone slowly, but the drawback is they don't erase very well.

Oh, and I never seem to like my ink sketches, so my Lamy Safari, that I just HAD to have, sits on a shelf, rarely used.

MrCachet said...

Pilot G-2 in Black. I've enjoyed using a ballpoint pen since I was a kid and now that I'm an old kid, I like 'em even better. Only difference is I'm no longer doing it on school papers.

Possum Patty said...

Thanks for sharing. Interesting post. If out and about I like to use Pitt Artist pens and brush pens. Otherwise, I use the "allsorts" such as pastels, watercolors, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, etc. The paper in my sketchbook is watercolor paper.

Sherry said...

I have been falling away from sketching, but when I do I like to keep it as simple as possible. I love my black Micron pen and my purse size Moleskine. I just bought some watercolor sticks, and I may try them on my upcoming sketches.

Ellen said...

Very pretty! The colors are so soft and pretty. Great information on the art supplies. I don't think I've analyzed my supplies like you do. I should do that for myself. I just toss aside what I don't like rather than learning why. Thanks for that, Ann.

Anyway, a very pretty landscape. Great job!

Gillian said...

Beautiful sketches. My fav is the top one. Maybe it's because Black Grape is my fav Prisma colour.
As for supplies, I find if I use a pencil I get too tight and keep erasing, whereas if I use a pen I just go with it and don't worry about getting things wrong.
I like to do quick colour washes, often using Aquatone sticks, for immediacy. My water brush is my best friend!

Krista Meister said...

Ann, isn't playing with our art tools fun? Excuse me, I meant "experimenting".... You're finding out what works best for you in a portable art journal sense, and I think its neat that you've rediscovered watercolor. However, I do like your sketches with the watercolor pencils too. Neat tip about the Grape PC pencil!

Hmmm... my favorite tools.... I'm really getting used to the Niji waterbrushes even though I hated them a few months ago. So portable.

Keep playing, Ann!

ChrisJ said...

I'm out here to learn all I can. Started very late in life. Find I'm a bit too rigid in what I draw and how I draw it. Everything I do has to be a masterpiece! I only ever use water color, and Prisma color and I'm thinking of doing more pen and ink. So I love your kind of blog that actually shows how you do things.

Kelly said...

...what a great idea. I'll have to go try this exercise...it's valuable information.

Linda T said...

Beautiful sketches and good food for thought on different materials and using them with the same picture idea. Thanks for the idea!!


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