Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sketchbook Tuesday - This and that

Here are a couple of sketches from last week, both were done in my handmade sketchbook. We finally got around to getting some flowers for the summer planters. These are sitting on our back deck.
 And the nectarines at the grocery were so colorful that I couldn't resist picking up a few, to paint and to eat. They just say 'summer' to me.


Jennifer Rose said...

the colours of the fruit are so vibrant :D

Kristin Dudish said...

I love the way you handle your watercolors (so, so beautiful)! It looks like maybe it's time for a nectarine tutorial now! hee hee


p.s. I mentioned your pear tutorial on my blog this past Friday

AutumnLeaves said...

The flowers are so pretty and must look just beautiful on your deck. The nectarines? Oh my goodness but so gorgeous!! Beautiful job on those colors, Ann!

freebird said...

Store bought peaches and nectarines shout summer to me until I eat them. I can't seem to find any that match the fruit off my dad's trees! Nice sketches here of them though. And they do make one think of summer. Your geraniums are lovely in their wonderfully deep blue pot!

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Your watercolor sketches are a great celebration of summer, Ann.

Ruca said...

The nectarines are really good. You got that foggy sort of colour in a couple of spots that really say nectarine (or peach) to me. It's an odd haziness of the more vibrant colours and you got it spot on!


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