Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Daffodil Festival!

 So many beautiful daffodils in bloom! I had a wonderful response to my daffodil challenge and now I have the pleasure of sharing them all with you. I love the variety of responses! Do scroll down to see them all. And please do click on each link where you will be able to see each individual's post about their daffodil art as well as more great artworks by these artists.

©Kristi Nobers

colored pencil
©Rose Welty

Daffodil Challenge
©2012 Susan M. Lohse

Daffodils I
Judy ©De Draad Aquarellen

Daffodils II
Judy ©De Draad Aquarellen

Daffodils Under the Trees
ink and wash
©Connie Cohn

Daffodil Flowers With Rain
©CheyAnne Sexton

ink on silk
©Betty Hugill

©Betty Hugill

ink on silk
©Betty Hugill

3.4.12 Daffodil sketch
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky


bettyfromtexas said...

Out of this world, all of them! I love that there is such a variety of technique. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

kazumiwannabe said...

This challenge was a wonderful idea and the responses are beautiful!!

Beach Cat ! said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ... and I was just outside drawing a hibiscus after being inspired by all the daffodil styles. Thanks for the inspiration! I want to try them all!

Rose Welty said...

This was a fun way to bring in Spring - thanks Ann. I'm happy to have found some new artists to enjoy!

Judy said...

Wonderful to see all the daffodils together! They are all beautiful!

Lynn said...

What a gorgeous display of daffodils! I'm sorry I missed this challenge - I think I'll make up for it this weekend and draw some myself.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh :D they are all so great! everyone did a wonderful job

Betty said...

Thankyou for showing my paintings - everyone has done such beautiful work and I will now have some new blogs to visit. Betty

CheyAnneSexton said...

I'm ooooing and aaawwwing a bunch, how fun. thanks for including mine. I love seeing everyones I can almost smell them
peace n abundance,

CrimsonLeaves said...

Ooh, they are all so gorgeous!! I think my favorite is your own, Ann. I think the green bottle is what grabs me...that and the yellow are my parents' favorite colors.

Sue Brown said...

What beautiful daffodils - and a lovely idea for a challenge theme. I love the different styles - congrats to all the artists.

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue said...

I really enjoyed seeing the different media used and each of the interpretations. Well done, everyone!

Dan Kent said...

Wonderful! It is always so wonderful seeing many artists tackling the same subject. So many, so beautiful. I love yours in the bottle.

Alex said...

what a beautiful compilation!

debra morris said...

Lovely to see all the responses Ann, wish I could have joine!d in

Tahirih said...

I love all of them! It's such a gorgeous promise of spring. I had some daffodils last week from the Cancer society girls, and now I'm wishing that I'd painted them before they expired...

Cathy Holtom said...

I love all the different styles and variations, each one is so different but all are beautiful!

Ann said...

They are all fantastic, aren't they! thanks all for visiting and commenting and especially a big thank you to the participants! I may do another challenge some time - this was fun!

raena said...

Dang, I had wanted to participate in this and time just got away from me! These look wonderful together! I hope you do this again! ?

Ann said...

I just might Raena! In fact, if you have an idea for one please let me know :-) It was fun and I wish you had been able to participate too!


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