Monday, April 22, 2013

sketchbook :: softly spring

Well, I didn't mean to miss posting last week, but the days just got away from me. Here are two recent sketches. This was the view beyond the tennis courts where Kiddo was having her tennis lesson, sketched with a black grape colored pencil and then watercolor. Spring is very slowly coming to our southern mountains.
On a sunny Sunday afternoon I sat on the back deck and sketched these happy pansies, watercolor only. And as much as I try I can't seem to get good scans from this sketchbook without those pesky shadowed spots. I had thought this heavier watercolor paper would lay more flat, yet it doesn't. I don't mind a little warping of the pages in my sketchbooks, as they are "sketchbooks" after all. But it does annoy me to see those shadows in the scanned images. Ah well, so it goes.


Autumn Leaves said...

I would love to finish just one sketchbook. Just one. I love the little notes you jot in your own too. Spring slowly creeping in here too, though we've been beset by floods in the past 5 days. I love the rain so very much but I do feel so bad for those who have had so much damage to their home and personal property. We were blessed by missing that.

Susan Bronsak said...

These are gorgeous!!!! I LOVE violas.......always look like smiling faces.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Ann - your sketches are wonderful...those violas are such a favorite of mine. I think spring has been late for everyone this year...I know it has been here as well. Thanks for taking time to visit my daffodils. Have a lovely day.


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