Friday, June 7, 2013

sketchbook :: while I was away

It's been a while! We had our spring visit to Edisto Beach, SC, last month. It was glorious! We just hated to leave when our week was up. Palm trees surrounded our rental cottage. Such a nice sound, the breezes through the palm fronds.
The cottage had a lovely screened porch too. A perfect place to sit and sketch.
This is just one of the pages where I sketched the shells we found on the beach. And you know I came home with many more photos of the marshes, and of course the surf. Lots of new imagery to be inspired by.

We also spent some time away staying with my mom while she had surgery. All is well, and she is doing great, but  it wasn't without a bit of stress and drama. So yes, I am so very happy to be back home, ready to fully enjoy our mountain summertime. A time to relax and breathe.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

welcome back :)
looking forward to seeing what you do with the photos you took :)

CrimsonLeaves said...

Relax and breathe...not something I get enough of, ever. Love your sketchbook pages, especially the chair...what a wonderful place to sit and read...and nap...

Susan Walker said...

Wonderful pages. The colors just pull me to the beach feel. Can't wait to see more from the photos.
Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Nolan said...

Ann so glad to see your lovely sketches. Sounds like you had a great vacation. Will be looking forward to seeing more of your inspirations. Have a great day.

Hugh said...

What a wonderful trip to the coast your family makes with such great art art work to bring back.


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