Tuesday, July 28, 2015

sketchbook :: our summer table

I have had a very productive month of July painting, yet I haven't allowed much time for sketching. Sooner or later that catches up with me and I find I need a little time, just me and my sketchbook. Here are two recent sketches where I did take a little time to record what's in front of me. The sunflowers were from the market, accompanied by a few flowers from our garden, sketched with watercolor only.
This eggplant and the tomatoes were for one of my favorite summer recipes, also sketched with watercolor only. I like going in with just paint although one of the drawbacks of this method is that you are committed even if the placement of a form inconveniently falls into the gutter of the sketchbook, as happened with the stem of the eggplant. But we did enjoy eating our eggplant tomato casserole.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

A beautiful and vibrant breath of fresh air!!!


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