Wednesday, October 7, 2015

sketchbook :: finding time

Busy days lately and while I have a shiny new sketchbook for the season my sketching time has been lacking. So when I saw this pretty leaf on our front walk I had to make time for a quick sketch.
And this is at the start of my sketchbook. I always break in a new sketchbook with a page devoted to my current sketching color palette. I found this little "mini pumpkin" at the grocery and decided it would be the perfect first image in my autumn sketchbook. Now my sketchbook waits for more time from me, which hopefully will be easier to find soon.


Unknown said...

Love this painting, and what a beautiful start to a new sketchbook! Do you find yourself, after ten or so filled pages in one sketchbook, wishing to start a brand new one? I do that. I don't think I've ever completely filled a sketchbook. I hope we see more paintings with the palette here, it's lovely!

Ann said...

Thank you Katherine! I usually nearly fill my sketchbooks. Unless I am not happy with the book for whatever reason. I try to start a new sketchbook with each change of season, so the autumn equinox was my starting point for this one. My goal of finishing it by the winter solstice keeps me motivated with the anticipation of starting anew then :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

perfect fall colours :)


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