Monday, June 6, 2016

sketchbook :: Edisto 2016 - land

It's already been a week since our return from Edisto Island, SC, and I have finally managed to scan most, but not all, of the sketches that I did while we were there. Since there are so many that I want to share here I have grouped them into three categories, for three separate posts. The first of these are the sketches that relate to the landscape of Edisto. 

I love the palm trees there, and listening to the rustle of the palm fronds in the ocean breeze is one of the most calming experiences that I know. The sketch above is the view across the way from our rental cottage, on one of the rare overcast days we had during our stay. This sketch was done with watercolor in a 9 x 12 Kilimanjaro sketchbook.
Much of Edisto is a watery landscape and I was happy to be able to spend a morning with a friend sketching this marsh view at Botany Bay. It is a view of Ocella Creek, while the high tide was filling the marsh, also watercolor only in the 9 x 12 Kilimanjaro sketchbook.
And while the first sketch was drying I focused on a different view of Ocella Creek for another quick sketch. This time on a 9 x 12 Canson watercolor block.
My sketching spot.

Here is that stunning view with the watery marsh in the morning light.

And once again view across the way from the front screened porch of our cottage, this time on a sunny morning, also in my 9 x 12 Kilimanjaro sketchbook.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great job with all the colours and different textures in the landscape :)


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