Friday, June 10, 2016

sketchbook :: Edisto 2016 - water

Water. You know it's one of my favorite subjects and naturally I spent some time while at Edisto painting the subject of the surf. This was the final result of my exploration, watercolor pencil and watercolor on a 9 x 12 inch Canson watercolor block.
I began with a couple of small, quick sketches while sitting on the beach. This was with paper from a 6 x 6 inch Fluid watercolor block that I dipped into the surf until it was saturated with salt water, then very quickly sketched the sea and sky.
Working from the small surf sketches I painted larger impressions on the 9 x 12 Canson watercolor block.
Each time, I focused in a little more from my previous sketch.
...and more
...until this. I enjoyed working without expectations.
And for the last of my Edisto sketches, this is one from an afternoon spent at St. Helena's Sound. It was windy. Very windy out on the beach, yet the sky was gorgeous. As I tried to capture the movement of the water and those wonderful clouds my sketchbook paper would fly up. You can see at the top where I was trying to hold the page down and left a print of my hand in the wet wash of sky. 

And if you have read through these posts all the way to here, thank you! I hope to be back to my regular routine soon as I have new projects in mind as well as series in progress to get back to. Settling back into my working schedule is a little more challenging this time around as we are also in the midst of a big home renovation project. I am happy we are getting it done, but yes, I will be even more happy when it's completed!


Timaree said...

Love all these paintings of the water!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love all the different colours :) Edisto Beach 3 is wonderful with the movement and colours


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