Wednesday, January 4, 2017

High Road

High Road
acrylic on wood panel
12 x 16 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

I am starting this new year by contuining the theme of abstracted mountain imagery that I began towards the end of 2016 with acrylic paint on paint paper. Out of curiousity I purchased a couple of cradled wood panels and am over the moon with painting on this surface. They are available unfinished or already gessoed and I got the unfunished ones because we always have gesso at our house (doesn't everyone?) so I just gessoed them myself.

I am keeping to my limited palette, mostly, as I continue with this series. That palette is yellow ochre, purple, teal, and white. I am enjoying the wide range of mixes possible with just these hues including the rich grays and muted greens. These paintings have become as much about the interaction of color as they are a subject to be explored. I have a goal to complete 12 altogether. I don't know why 12 exactly, but with 6 on paper it sounded good to me to also have 6 on canvas or panels. I am already up to the 11th painting but getting good photos is proving more difficult that I anticipated. I am hoping for a sunny day to come along soon so I can get these paintings properly photographed. I'd love to hear if anyone has any tips on successfully photographing paintings.

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm a bad artist, no gesso here lol

really liking your abstract work :)


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