Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In the Meantime. . .

Summer Field
8 x 5 inches
pastel on sanded pastel paper
copyright 2007 by Ann Thompson Nemcosky

Just got the urge to get out the pastels today. It has been quite some time since I have worked in pastel and it was fun doing an image more quickly than what colored pencil will allow. I am actually working on a new colored pencil piece but just felt I needed a break from it for a little bit. This was a nice diversion on a sunny afternoon.


CJM said...

I love your landscapes! I write and teach, but my visual art skills are fairly limited.

Thank you for sharing your blog on the OM list. It's great to have new places to visit!


Kasie Sallee said...

This is beautiful. You really captured that warm summer feel!

Ann said...

Thank you Kasie! I appreciate you checking in!
And thank you Carolyn for stopping by! Your blog is very good reading - nice to see another's home school journey.


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