Monday, September 1, 2008

Pastel Monday

Looking North
(Along the River at Brookshire Park)
pastel on sanded pastel paper
6.5 x 4.5 inches
©2008 Ann Thompson Nemcosky
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Pastel Monday has returned! Hopefully I will be able to continue with these pastel pieces for a while. I missed doing them. Working in pastel is so much more immediate than colored pencil that it makes for a nice burst of spontaneity for me.

This is a scene from a nearby park where we often take the dogs for a walk. There are rarely any other people there and the walking path is really a quarter mile track. So kiddo gets to ride her scooter and once around is just enough distance for Sara dog's short little Corgie legs. She always refuses to go around the loop a second time.


Luba said...

Very serene!

susan said...

Hi Ann, this is very beautiful. I plan on taking a pastel class this fall...hope I can do nearly half as nice as you do on yours. Have a great Monday.

kazumiwannabe said...

Beautiful drawing - this place looks wonderful... Loved your other posts too, especially your pets drawings, so lovely and touching. I had a white cat once too, and I won't ever forget him either, he was so gentle, though he had a stupid name (Pepere...) : )!

E-J said...

Lovely, Ann. I too hope that you can continue your Pastel Mondays!

Monette Satterfield said...

This is a lovely landscape. It's gentle and I especially like the bend of the river though I'm not entirely sure why.

Pastels are not my favorite medium because they get all over my fingers :) Good for you for doing this and let's look forward to more!

Kathleen said...

Lovely lovely lovely - what a nice place to walk - and it sounds like you have a very smart dog too!


Your pastels are like mini vacations for me, so beautiful.

Timaree said...

Beautiful. It's so peaceful looking.

Have you tried the new Pan Pastels?

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. It reminds me of our dog walking environs. I've wanted to take paints and easel there some time.

Anetka said...

I can see that you like pastel medium - it shows in your drawing.
Beautiful scene, beautiful art:)

Spinneretta said...

Delightful... but then again, your work usually is :)
I left a present for you at my blog BTW :)

Ann said...

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by and leaving such encouraging remarks!


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