Thursday, September 18, 2008


Is it Thursday already? I've been feeling a little uninspired this week. Oh, things are generally fine here, everything is moving along nicely really, with our homeschool and activities, our day-to-day routine is good. I imagine it's everything else that has me down. The world in general. Each day brings something more distressing. More and more stuff to worry about and so little that I can actually do about it. Sigh.

So I decided for a brief escape of all that I would post about artists' sketchbooks. Those visual journals that give a narrative peek into an artist's day-to-day, the real stuff of our lives. As you know I have been practicing a bit with watercolors in an attempt to become more comfortable with the medium. My goal is to keep an illustrated journal like so many artists that I admire. I have begun carrying my sketchbook along most places. And at home, using it for visual journaling and practice sketches. Even sketching along side kiddo while she works her lessons. So here are some sample pages of what has gone into my sketchbook recently.

For a peek into a just few of the many artists' sketchbooks that inspire me with their visual journaling, here is a brief list. Always a pleasant way to escape the cares of the moment, I hope you enjoy visiting them as much as I do.

(Oh, I know this last sketch is dated incorrectly. It was done last weekend, on 9/14. Maybe I was just wishing for calmer times. In which case I should have changed the year as well.)

Now that the weekend is nearly here I plan to try to avoid the news shows and instead fill more pages in my sketchbook. Continuing to make my little corner of the world as nice a place as possible.


Jim said...

Yes, these are trying times; but I think we must have faith that we will return to normalcy and peacefulness. I wanted to thank you for your comments on "landscape" types drawing; and to compliment you on a very nice blog. I really liked what you had to say in this post. It speaks for all of us nowadays.

Sandi said...

I love this's beautiful.

Spinneretta said...

Lovely. I know how you feel!
If I get my art supplies out during lesson time, the kids want to join in ;) I usually wait until later :D

freebird said...

Enjoyed your sketches. That leaf has a lot of texture. Liked you painted landscape.

Teresa said...

Your landscape is beautiful! I see your soft, delicate touch with colored pencils and pastels has carried over to watercolor... great job!

Monette Satterfield said...

There's another one of those leaves I like so much. What medium is that? It looks like watercolor and is a lovely sketch.

Ann said...

Thanks everyone!
Monette, the leaf is watercolor. When scanning it from my sketchbook I lost much of the shadow, but otherwise it's pretty true to the original.
Thanks again, I appreciate everyone's comments :)

gabi campanario said...

hi Ann, i'm honored to be included in your list of recommended sketchbooks! thanks! your nature landscapes are a wonderful rest spot for an urban sketcher like me, will be coming back for more!

Barbara Weeks said...

That watercolor leaf is outstanding!


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