Thursday, November 18, 2010

Familiar Path

Familiar Path
oil on canvas
6 x 6 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

This is #48 of my 100 painting project. It is a late summer view of the carriage trail at Cone Manor on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This old carriage trail is one of our favorite locations to hike and sketch. From here the trail dips under the parkway and then climbs up a hill where you can see Grandfather Mountain out across a mountain pastoral view. I wish I could take you there, you would love it.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting Ann! Brings back many a memory walking here.

raena said...

Oh, but you can take us there!! We've already begun the journey! And I can tell you right now that I know I would love it!

phthaloblu said...

I was just there last week! So beautiful and peaceful. I can see why he wanted to build a house there. I pictured them sitting in wicker furniture on the porch having tea and admiring the view down the valley. Breathtaking. This painting is so beautiful and catches the feeling perfectly.

nanke's stuff said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful spot with us! I would love to walk that path and see where else it goes. nancy

Lynn said...

Beautiful! As always, your skies take my breath away.

Alex said...

I know this could be a common scene for you, but it's just breathtaking! I think a successful artist is when he/she's able to draw attention with his/her work and make people want to go to that place in the picture... =) And yes, I'd like to go there Ann!

Ann said...

Thank you all!


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