Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ocean Time :: the series

7:52 AM
colored pencil on museum board
6 x 6 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky
Here is my latest colored pencil piece. Yes, I am still working in colored pencil, it just takes me forever and a day to complete one drawing. Yet I keep getting ideas for more works in this series, which is a good thing. However I do wonder when I will ever get to them all. And that is in part where the title for the series comes from, Ocean Time. It's an elusive landscape, and like time itself is ever changing with the rhythm of the waves and tides, impossible to capture, yet at the same time it can be a calming, meditative place to be. I continue to be intrigued with the changes of light and color, as the sky works its magic on the water. So my obsession with the ocean's surf continues...You can view the three completed works to date in this series here.


Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 i am speechless. this is a great work of art. love the colours and there is a wonderful sense of movement to it!

Ann said...

Oh, Jennifer, you are too kind! Thanks for stopping by and brightening my day with your comment :-)

Autumn Leaves said...

The glints of sunlight are fabulous, Ann. You've captured the gorgeous colors of the sea beautifully. One of my favorites of your sea pieces to date. I agree with Jennifer too.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Ann - this is absolutely wonderful...I so do appreciate all the work that goes into a colored pencil piece. Hope that you will continue with this beautiful series - the ocean is something I never get to see often enough. Have a great day.

Jennifer Edwards said...

This is just exquisite Ann! You really have a wonderful way of seeing and depicting subtle color shifts!! Glad you are continuing to work with colored pencil, even though it is a slower medium. I've been thinking a lot lately about how slow knitting is, like the slow food movement. There's just something about doing things that take a lot of time that is rewarding to us and I think adds a richness to the finished product that something quick can't give. I think I'm gonna blog about this! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.


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