Tuesday, November 13, 2012

sketchbook Tuesday :: November's color

I love the subtle color of November. The ochres, deep blue-greens, and muted violets found in the softly lit November landscape are somewhat a relief after the fiery color of October. A brief walk around my yard revealed these remnants of color from seasons already gone, now that November is here. They were sketched with watercolor and a little watercolor pencil, in my handmade sketchbook. What month has your favorite colors?


Katherine Thomas said...

Your drawings are so delicately and carefully rendered, I can tell how much you love these little pieces of nature. I like the colors that you mentioned very much! the muted tones of gold and violet and bluegreen. A perfect combination!

Mary Walker Designs said...

The shadows are so helpful in making these pop off the page perfectly executed. I love spring with the yellow greens of the fresh shoots and leaves.

Serena Lewis said...

Beautiful work, Ann....love the layout, the colours and those delicate shadows off-set it all perfectly!

. said...

Beautiful pages and I like how you layed it all out... Its funny today as I was driving to a meeting, I was looking at the fields and thinking just about this, the colours and how lovely it really is. Its so peaceful, soft browns and greys and the sky was steele blue... Totally magic and I know I have to go back and sketch it and take pictures. I love this time of the year, but I love all seasons, they all have their own beauty. Lovely post!!!

Ann said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!
Katherine, I'm happy I'm not alone in my delight with November's colors!
Mary, yes, I do think spring colors are my next favorite - all of those soft, fresh, colors are so inspiring!
Serena - your November must be like our May? And late spring is so glorious with color!
Mari - absolutely that steel blue November sky is exactly what makes the colors of November sing!
Every season does have its own special color palette, and I do delight in noticing those changes :-)

CrimsonLeaves said...

What a lovely page, Ann. I need to take a page from your book in my sketchbooks. They would be ever so much more pleasant!


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