Thursday, December 31, 2015

Waiting for Halcyon Days

Waiting for Halcyon Days
11 x 14 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

This painting developed intuitively from my response to my initial mark making and paint application. I began with a resist of masking fluid in a big, sweeping, circular motion. Then with the paper randomly sprayed with water I applied washes of color. From there I considered what I wanted to happen in each area. I used a stamp inspired by a fossil shape that I created from a white plastic eraser as well as stencils to create some of the shapes. I have long been fascinated with mythology and folklore. As the painting began to suggest water I imagined the kingfisher from the Greek myth of Halcyon and its power to calm the waves. As our time of Halcyon Days ends for this year I wish you calm waters in the new year.

Halcyon days, now wars are ending.
You shall find where ere you sail
Tritons all the while attending
With a kind and gentle gale.

~Halcyon Days by Thomas Shadwell~

1 comment:

Timaree said...

Wow! I'm thinking this is one of my favorites of your paintings! I like abstracts but mostly when they aren't totally abstract. This is wonderful!


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