Monday, June 15, 2009

Free to play

Here is a sampling of what I have been busy with these days. These are some of the exercises I have done for the watercolor pencil class, covering water and rocks. Top is my sketch of rocks, on Arches hot press.
This was for an exercise on waves. Here I worked on cold pressed paper and allowed the texture of the paper to play a part.
Here was my exercise showing a waterfall, on Arches hot press. This one in particular is a subject I would not normally choose, out of intimidation. That's one of the wonderful things about taking a course such as this. It forces me to try different things and break out of my comfort zone. I am free to play, try out all sorts of techniques, and learn a lot in the process, without worrying about staying consistent or creating a "style" or taking my work too seriously. I have more exercises from the class posted here where you'll see what I mean.


Shirley said...

These are wonderful! I would love to learn what you are learning, but I'm just NOT a landscape enthusiast and I think it needs to be a passion to put that much work into it.

Deborah said...

You are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the good work. Explore and learn.

Jennifer Rose said...

Letting the texture of the cold pressed paper show on the waves works really well :)

very pretty waterfall, gorgeous colours in the water :)

Alex said...

Great work Ann! The texture and shadings are fantastic, and the soft greens are as calming as ever.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, and it's really great to be back.
I won't be blogging for a while again but it doesn't mean I am not drawing ^^ I'm designing my own wedding invitation card, so I am sketching stuff everywhere.

Linda T said...

Wow, these are wonderful! And you were already a pro with colored pencil. It's exciting to see how all this will play out in your art, now.

Laura said...

I visit your blog often, and have never commented! I so enjoy your sketches. you inspired me to take out my own watercolor pencils and give them a try! Thanks for posting!

iva yaneva said...

wow, the waves are so realistic! you are a true talent! :)

Krista Meister said...

I'm glad you tackled your hardest challenge, because it looks like a wonderful piece!


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