Friday, June 26, 2009

Unfamiliar ground

The thing about taking an art class, if you are really going to get anything out of it, is that you must stretch yourself to try techniques and subject matter that you wouldn't usually do. In fact, some subject matter I have made a point of avoiding in order to focus on my strengths*. (*read comfort zone) Waiting for those people to get out of the way so I can get a clear reference photo of that landscape scene. Pausing while the animals or birds move on so I can more easily see that tree or flower. Shoo!

This past week the watercolor pencil class was all about animals and people. Now I had to confront my most dreaded subjects. I did learn that if I want to become comfortable with these subjects I need a lot more practice. That's something to work on.

Above is a watercolor pencil sketch from a photo of my daughter, from our recent trip to the beach. It's about 6 x 8 inches on cold press watercolor paper.
The assignment here was to do a portrait of your favorite bird. I found the image of the bluebird in the Wet Canvas image library, again it's about 6x8 inches on cold press.
Learning about textures I tried a study of a feather in my watercolor moleskin. At least this was more familiar territory.


Liesl said...

Have been enjoying all your class exercises, they're great, especially love the feather, nice shadow. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

the really did a good job with the feather's texture, looks very airy and soft :)

It can be so hard stepping away from our comfort zones, and even harder to show people your efforts. Well done with them all :)

Jennifer Rose said...

you did a really good job, not the...oops ;)

Kelly said...

...I love these portraits. You do such a nice job and have a sensitive touch.

kazumiwannabe said...

Wow! Your daughter's portrait is wonderful! She's beautiful and cute, and your tenderness shows a lot in the drawing! Love the bird, too, beautiful colors.
I missed your last posts,trying to catch up today : ) - love the sunflowers and waterlilies. To an exterior eye, you seem very comfortable, out of your comfort zone!

Pam said...

Ann, I loved looking through your blog. What wonderful paintings you have posted. All are just lovely and inspiring. I am one of your classmates from Kate's watercolor pencil. Loved viewing it all.

Mary Timme said...

I dodged out of my comfort zone yesterday and have so much more to learn. I guess it is a good thing, but it sure isn't comfortable.

Laurel Neustadter said...

Wow! You are doing amazing work in your watercolor pencil class. Your pieces are beautiful.

Alex said...

The feather is simply beautiful Ann!! And I've always love birds, and yours look so lively and the colors are just so pretty!
Very nice drawing of your daughter by the way, and it seems like a really really nice and relaxing trip.

Ann said...

Thanks everyone!


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