Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every once in a while

Every once in a while I have to try sketching an eggplant in watercolor. Maybe it's the challenge of getting that rich, deep, purple color. As I was working on this last evening, the light from the window was changing as the sun went in and out of clouds. So the eggplant was at times a bright, dark, maroon, and a cool, dark, blue at others. This was done, lead-free, in my watercolor Moleskine.

Diahn, over at Ottwork, is doing some intriguingly beautiful paintings of birds using gouache on toned paper that has been prepared with stamped designs. In preparation for opening her new Etsy shop (I can't wait!) she is having a give-away. Pop on over and check out her latest. You will be in for a treat!
Krista, of Hope in Every Day, has kindly given me this lovely award. So I am to share seven things you may not already know about me. It has been a while since I have done one of these, so here goes.

1. I am not a morning person. Not the get-up-and-go first thing type at all. I do like being up early but mostly my peak energy time is late afternoon and early evening.

2. I am usually shy and don't talk much. This used to bother me until I read in "Dear Abby" where she said, "Quiet people aren't the only ones who don't say much." Then I felt much better.

3. I grew up in the mid-west, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is a great place to be from. I never much cared for living there though.

4. The first rock concert I attended was a Deep Purple concert at the Cincinnati Gardens. The Cincinnati Gardens was like a big tin can. Oh, the joys of youth.

5. I once worked in a photo lab processing slide film. This job required sitting in a small room in total darkenss and feeding the film into the processing machine. If the film was inserted incorrectly it would jam the machine and destroy all the film. Other than that, it wasn't that bad sitting in complete darkness. I would sing quietly to myself while I was working to help pass the time. On cloudy, rainy days, even though there was absolutetly no light at all where I was working, I could feel the difference if the sun came out.

6. I have no interest in sports.

7. Lately I have been feeling that I would really like a nice slice of cheese cake. Haven't had that in years. Maybe with some strawberries or blueberries. I should go looking for a good recipe.

So there are my seven things. And here are seven bloggers I would like to pass this award along to:



Diahn said...

Maybe your Deep Purple experience is why you feel the need to paint that deep purple eggplant? :)

Thanks so much for the award, for your kind words about my birds and for the plug!

Alex said...

Beautifully done!
:) I am happy for the award you got, and can't wait to see your next piece.

Jennifer Rose said...

I think you have done a good job getting that deep purple colour and a nice shine to it :)

ooh a cheesecake sounds good :D

Sharon said...

Anne, very kind of you to think of me. Thank you...I'll have to think about these seven things. I did four eggplant paintings in oil this spring and t couldn't get any of them right, but your eggplant glows. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

Mary Timme said...

I think eggplant is a difficult color because it can be so different with the least bit of light change on it.

Nice to see you get a reward. Very cool.

It was fun to find out some stuff about you.

winna said...

I am honored you chose me and am just beaming with delight. You eggplant is such a great color!

caseytoussaint said...

Eggplants are gorgeous, aren't they? And yours is no exception - nice work.

Sandy said...

Fabulous, and those deep rich purples are not easy - And I am so honored to receive your purple award, Thanks you very much.
Happy Painting!

Carolina said...

Hi Ann!
Congratulations on the award! It's interesting to read your seven facts :)
I like your eggplant a lot, love the lights and shadows, and the color, of course!
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

nice post and thanks for sharing...
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nanke's stuff said...

Lovely rendering of the eggplant ... Congrats on the award - it was fun reading about you! nancy

freebird said...

Love your list. I have the cream cheese sitting in the fridge. Just can't quite get myself to make it with all the calories it has but I will give in soon! It's nice to know there is someone else out there with no interest in sports. In today's world that seems like a sin!

Love that eggplant. You have the shine down just right and the stem looks really good too.


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