Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just a few more

I realized that it's been almost a week since my last post. So I thought I'd share a few more examples of the exercises I have done for Cathy Johnson's Watercolor Pencil class.

Taking this online class has been very motivating, and a great learning experience. As I mentioned previously, just like with any instruction, whether in person or online, you get out of it what you put into it. And it is a lot of work to show up and put forth the effort required, but the rewards are so worth it. I have had a wonderful experience with this class and would highly recommend to anyone considering taking one of Kate's classes - do it. She is a terrific teacher.

You can see from these examples some of the techniques I tried out with this "new-to-me" media. I wanted to try everything at least once. The beauty of taking a class like this is that you are free to experiment. The pressure is off.

There is also the added benefit of seeing the works done by the other students. Everyone trying out the same lesson in their own way, contributes to the shared learning experience. Something you can't really get from practicing solo.

And now that the course is coming to a close I will miss it. I enjoyed having assignments to complete and the freedom to play and learn a new media. Having spent these last several weeks intensely studying the use of watercolor pencils I now feel much more confident using water media. Confident enough that I do want to continue using watercolor pencils in some way. I guess this is where the real work begins, as I figure out how I want to put all of this new knowledge to use.


Alex said...

Wow, and every once in a while you just need to shower with all your beautiful artworks just all at once Ann, and I am not saying that's a bad thing ^^
These are just so wonderfully done!
I really like those colors of the trees in the first, one and the 2nd one which emphasizes more on the tree branches and the depth into the horizon.
The lily is incredible! If Lesson 4 is all about shadings and shadows, you've definitely nailed in those departments!
Thanks again for your comments on my sketch Ann ^^ It means a lot when it comes from as master like you.

Jennifer Rose said...

that lily is gorgeous, wonderful shading and lovely pink colour :)

Seeing work that other students have done I find helps me, especially if I am stuck on how to do a certain technique. Sometimes it better working in a group environment, other times not so much and its like being back in high school :p but like you said you get back the effort you put into it

Shirley said...

Loved seeing all of your work, but especially the lily - spectacular!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

These look fabulous Ann, what great fun :) it shows :)

Carolina said...

Your drawings are fabulous, Ann.
About what you say of putting knowledge into action, I think that's what knowledge is about. If we don't use it, it's just ideas.
Looking forward to see more of your artwork soon :)
Best regards,

Mary Timme said...

I love doing new stuff and trying new stuff too. Very cool and of course I love the flower the most.

Teresa said...

Wow.... these are all lovely! The first one is so different from some of your other work... I really like it. Love the lily too.. you did a great job on it!

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures. YOu are truly talented. Thanks for sharing as I was very inspired. I love your lily.


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