Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...and still

Still Morning
watercolor on 140lb Kilimanjaro cp
7.5 x 9.5 inches
 ©Ann Thompson Nemcosky
Continuing with my watercolor exploration, another marsh scene from the South Carolina coast. In the morning hours, tide is in, and the water reflects the sky. I am enjoying the spontaneity of this media. I would like to focus a bit more of the abstract qualities and less on the details of the landscape. Those bits that draw me in. So I'll keep going, and maybe I will hit on just that someday.


Autumn Leaves said...

That sky is exquisite, Ann. The whole piece is beautiful, truly. By the way, the photo below of your daughter walking on the beach with the stormy skies above is just phenomenal. I love those kind of skies!

Lucia B. said...

I'm fascinated by the wonderful light coming from the water! Very beautiful.

Jennifer Rose said...

I think the top half of this does have abstract qualities :) this is almost like 2 different works of art if it was cropped right in the middle, seperating the reeds from the background

Faith Dance said...

beautiful! so tranquil - I love it!


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